April 22, 2014

Pirate101 Party!

Ahoy Pirates,

There's going to be a huge party on Pirate101 in May! Alura from Art in the Spiral and staff at Adventures in the Spiral have put together a special event that I think all of you will enjoy. I haven't been to a party like this in awhile and I'm really looking forward to attending a party like this one. Many Pirate101 Fansite owners will also be attending this party! I'm going to post information about when this party is and then send you every name and link of fansite owners that are expected to come to this party. :D

This party will be hosted by the staff of Adventures of the Spiral and AluraRB from Art in the Spiral on May 3rd, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. CST until 6:00 P.M. CST or later! :D IF you want a pick up for this party, add the pirates in the picture above in Avery's Court by the life fountain in the One-Eyed Jack Realm, Area One. There's more detail about this huge party such as rules, contests, and prizes on Adventures of the Spiral and Art in the Spiral that you should read.  Please make sure you read them because it's important that you do. Thanks again for reading my blog and here's a list of Pirate101 fansite owners that are expected to come to this party. :D

Sheldon, Jason, Sophia

Me, Edward/Edward Cringle


Ditto Wizard

The Duelists

The Mercs

Paige Moonshade

The Pet Masters

Moderators of Pirate101 Central

Kelsey Fireheart

Pirates of the Spiral

Dr. Zeppers
Skull Island TV

Christina Icedreamer & Stephen Spiritcaller
Spiral Radio101

Stormgate Pirates

Make sure you read the rules on Alura's or Sheldon's website. They also have a few details about contests that will be hosted during the party! I hope to see you there on Saturday, May 3rd! :D I'll be on my witchdoctor Edward OR Edward Cringle so if you want an add, go ahead and add me. :) I'll leave friend requests on. Make sure to thank Sheldon, Jason, Sophia and Alura for all of the hard work they put into this event already. :D Thanks again for reading!

April 21, 2014

Pirate101 Online Safety Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Last week I decided to have a new type of contest that I haven't ever had on this blog before, an Online Safety Contest. I ask everyone to send me an online safety tip they follow and would like to share with everyone else in the community. I received a ton of emails with so many important safety tips. I have random codes that I'm giving to the winners of this contest: Four 1,500 Crowns codes, Two Random Springtime Pets and Two Witchdoctor Housing Add-Ons. These codes will be mixed up so you never know what you won if you did win a code until you redeem that code.  Thank you all for submitting your safety tips, You never know, you might help someone reading this post! :)

Code Winner #1: Whiffy Lucas Burke

How I stay safe, and suggest others is to surround yourself with positive people, Stay away from groups or people who are being openly inappropriate and vulgar. Also, try to avoid crowded realms.
I have found and maintained long gaming relationships with this simple method. lastly and everyone should know. NEVER, NEVER,NEVER EVER share any kind of information with anyone.

Code Winner #2: Charming John Noble

· Screen Name. When creating your screen name, no personal information in it.
· Passwords. No password sharing with anyone.
· Online Friends. No to meet an online friend unless I know them before. 
· Personal Information. No personal info what so ever to anyone.
· Online Ads. Don’t buy anything online without reference.
· Downloading. Only trusted downloads
· Photos. No photos posting to strangers
· Bullying. No to bullying by any one and to anyone.
· Research. Trusted websites only for research. 
· Social Networking. follow social networking websites instructions

Code Winner #3: Chrissy

There are occasions when you want to contact someone out of game yet you still need to be careful. In those instances where they are not on Central I made a Facebook page that is my Pirate's name and has no identifiers and that way someone can contact me yet I am still shielded.

Code Winner #4: Simple Connor Silver

5 things to look out for when gaming with others in multiplayer.

It's easy to lie online, how can you tell if you can trust them or not?

1) They will try to gain your trust and make friends with you.

2) They may try and get you to do things e.g. give them your phone number.

3) They may offer you 'cheats' to help with the game, they may ask for something in return (Imagine they are Rumpelstiltskin)

4) They may send you a link and that may be a computer virus or software.

5) They may encourage you to give personal information.

Code Winner #5: David Everhart

My only tip for online safety would be to be careful who you talk to on social networks, because not everyone is who they claim to be.

Code Winner #6: Stormy Roslyn Stern

ALWAYS USE GOOD "Netiquette"

Have fun! Play and be nice!
Do not respond to any messages that are mean, inappropriate or in any way make you uncomfortable.
If you come across someone/something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Avoid it and if necessary ignore that person.

Code Winner #7: Evan Silver

The best thing to do if you wish to stay safe online is to prevent others from knowing exactly who you are. Posting your location (country, state, time zone, room in the house even) is unsafe and can help predators locate you. Selfies and images taken from your phone or another mobile device contain image data, including location which will allow people to find your state (if in U.S.), and sometimes even the room you are in. Selfies, posting age, and physical features also allow predators to find and identify you in a public location, or even at your house. Stay safe!

Code Winner #8: Little Tasha Liston

I think the best online safety tip is to never give out your personal info. Just because you think you know the person online, doesn't mean that you really do. The internet allows people to act like whoever they want.....you just never know who is really behind that screen.

That's not even all of the entries I've received for this blog post. The online safety tips listed above should not be followed by order, they should ALL be followed all at once. There were at least 40 pirates that entered my contest and I can't mention everyone because I don't want to make this post too long but I want all of you to know I'm proud of you! So many of you knew that you shouldn't share your password or personal information with anyone/strangers. It's nice that you know that. My Online Safety tip would also be about Password Safety for the game. Never share your password with anyone! If you share your password with someone, your account WILL be banned. Please be careful in the spiral, pirates. It's important you're safe and I hope all of you read through all of the online safety tips other pirates from around the spiral shared. Thank you all for submitting online safety tips to me! I know I've said this already, but I wish I could share all of your emails with everyone. Especially all of the emails that have to do with not sharing passwords. If you didn't win this time, it doesn't mean you won't next time. Just know that even if your email wasn't published, that doesn't mean you can't comment your email on this blog post! :) If you would like to comment below with the email you sent to me, that would be awesome. I know all of the online safety tips are important it would be nice to see other pirates following these tips that were listed above or in the comments. Thanks again for entering everyone! I expect you to follow these tips and stay safe in the spiral.

April 18, 2014

Blog To Follow: April 2014

Hello Wizards!

I know it's been awhile since I made a post like this and last year I forgot about posting about different blogs around the spiral. I promise I will start doing that soon for a ton of blogs just like I did last year and the years before last year. I have one blog today that I wanted to share with you all because it's one awesome blog I think all of you should read and he has EPIC graphics on his site. Frostcaller is an awesome wizard that makes all kinds of graphics and up to date blog posts. If you would like to check out his blog, click the image below!! :D

April 16, 2014

Pirate101: Online Safety Contest!

Ahoy Pirates,

I thought I'd have a contest that I haven't had on this blog, an Online Safety Contest! How does this online safety contest work? Well.. I want all of you to email me an online safety tip you follow that you want everyone else to know. If your email is like another email, that's okay! I want everyone reading this blog that it's important to stay safe online and I think it would be awesome if a friend of someone that is having trouble staying safe online safety tips on this blog to let them know that online safety is important. This isn't an Easter contest that I originally planned to have, but I think it'll be great to have something like this to help everyone.

  • Step 1: Enter By Emailing Me- Enter this contest by emailing me at edwardfrostgem@gmail.com with your online safety tip and your pirate's name and level! This contest STARTS TODAY and ENDS April 21st at 4:00 P.M. CST. I will then announce the contest winners shortly after 4:00 P.M. CST on a new blog post of the winners.
  • Step 2: I'll Judge The Entries- Next Monday I'll announce all of the winners by judging which is the best online safety tip to follow. I would like your online safety tip to be at least two sentences but less than a paragraph since there will be multiple winners. Everyone who wins will then have their entry and their pirate's name posted on a new blog post Monday and will be emailed their code they have won. You can learn more about what codes you can win on step 3!
  • Step 3: Codes That Winners Win- I have a few codes to giveaway for this contest. I will be giving away: FOUR CROWN CODES that's worth 1,500 Crowns, TWO RANDOM SPRINGTIME PETS, and TWO WITCHDOCTOR LAB HOUSE ADD-ONS. There will not be any level of prizes because I'll be mixing up the codes and giving them out by random. You'll have to see what code you get. There will be eight winners! Good luck everyone. :)
Yay... Random Picture Time!!! :D (This Pic does not grant you pickled herring as a prize)

Open Letter About Contests

Hello Wizards and Pirates,

I really wanted to talk to you about something that has been on my chest for awhile. I've been thinking about the codes I've been giving away lately. I love giving away codes but I don't like giving them away to someone who gets a ton of them from my contest and other contests. I'm not someone who's obsessed with the amount of viewers on my site. I'm obsessed with the games Kingsisle has made and what I can blog about that I look back on in the future. :) I want everyone else reading my blog to have the same opportunity. I'm not one of those people that like having contests all of the time. I know when my blog was first created in in 2010 I only thought about having contests to get my views up. That's the truth, but now I don't like having them because it makes me upset when I see more comments and views on a contest than any other post that year. I know publishing a post that has the word contest in it will be more of something than any other post. I don't look forward to having contests as much as I did back in 2012-2013 because now everyone is entering multiple contests to win as much as they can. I know there are wizards and pirates that do that and it makes me sad. If you enter contests, let everyone else have that chance to win something they might not have a chance to win this year. If you won a code from my last contest, I want you to show me that you will let someone else win next time. This doesn't just count for my contests, this counts for every other blog that's having contests right now. If you win a code from one blog, don't try to win that same code from another blog to have two of the same item you won. One other thing that is bothering is that when someone tweets something on twitter about a contest, everyone goes crazy. Really? Contests are NOT that important. One day RT something that has something to do with a new YouTube video a wizard/pirate uploaded or like a blog post on Facebook that someone has made. This doesn't have to be my YouTube videos or blog posts, I want you to do something for someone that might not see much of that. I would also like to see you comment on other blogger's blog posts. Let them know what you think of their post and where you are in the game or something like that. I think it's important everyone in the community knows they're awesome and not just because they have crowns to giveaway. :) This post does not mean I won't have another contest, it's just something I've been thinking about lately. I actually plan on having a contest soon that has something to do with my last contest and this blog post. I would like to thank all of those who have read all of this. It really means a lot that you're still here. :) That's all I have to say for now.. Thanks again for reading.

April 15, 2014

Pickled Herring

Ahoy Pirates!

I finally have a new blog post about Edward Cringle! I haven't been able to quest on my swashbuckler because of the test realm's release last week and I really wanted to make my posts that I made last week before I started questing again. I'm so happy I test it out because I didn't know if it would mess with my questing or not. I really can't wait until the test realm is released because it does have awesome updates and I can't wait to see them on the live game. :D I'm sure you'll start hearing more about my companions and pets once the updates are released to the live game. :)

I'm going to stop talking about the test realm for now and start talking about my last blog post and the quest I had to complete today! On my last blog post Edward Cringle had to help Gilbert and Sullivan find their shipment that was stolen by Iago, a valencian unicorn. Gilbert and Sullivan knew where Mustang Sally was and they wanted me to help them before they would help me. After collecting their contraband I sailed back to their shop and they told me that Mustang Sally was helping a prisoner out of Fort Elena but was caught and she was made a prisoner. Gilbert and Sullivan then told me that Mustang Sally was working with a cat named Catbeard and he might know more. Today I had to sail to Catbeard's Lair to find out more about what happened and who she was breaking out of Fort Elena.

Today I found out that Catbeard and Ratbeard don't like each other. I think they have the same relationship as Tom & Jerry! I also found out that Mustang Sally & Catbeard were hired by Gortez to break into Port Regal to free a penguin, Napoleguin. Napoleguin was an emperor of Polaris. Once he became emperor he attacked all of his allies. Napoleguin was betrayed by Marleybone and Valencia and he was then captured and sent to Fort Elena. Gortez wants to free Napoleguin so he could help him win the civil war in Monquista. Catbeard wants to free him so he can have all of the pickled herring that'll last him his entire life! I'm sure by now you see him eating it above.. He also told me that Polaris is full of pickled herring. That's important information!

Catbeard said he knew a way I could get into the prison to free Mustang Sally if I helped him free Napoleguin. Catbeard said he wanted me to start a war with Marleybone. He said he wanted me to start by attacking ten of the Marleybone Ships in Port Regal Skyway. I didn't like this quest because it took a very long time and sometimes two ships at one time attacked me and my ship couldn't handle all of the attacks. Sometimes my pirate had to fight the enemies on their ships because my ship health was low. I don't really know about this quest but I'm sure it's easier for everyone else. I'm one of those pirates that don't like a quest if it takes too long (30 minutes), but I'm happy when I finish so I can post about it on this blog. :D I think the most important thing about this quest is to have the right ship gear so it doesn't take too long. I had to switch my gear around and by the end of my quest, it was a lot easier to defeat these ships. So.. today I'm going to give away a code for crowns so everyone that's having trouble can get the right ship equipment from the crowns shop or whatever else you want. :D I didn't stop questing after defeating the ships but I sailed back to Catbeard's ship and told him what I did he then told me what he said in the picture below. :P

That's all I have for today. I mentioned above that I have a code for you all for 1,500 crowns. This code can only be redeemed by one pirate. This code will also be the last code I giveaway on my blog posts, unless I make another post today, so don't expect anymore codes to be on my Pirate101 blog posts if I don't make another Pirate101 blog post today. I really hope ya'll took time out to read my blog posts! :) I do plan on having another contest soon so make sure to look out for that this week! I hope you all enjoyed this contest. If you enjoyed reading this post/ this contest, click on the :D reaction below!! Thank you again. :) Remember, if you won a code already, please give others a chance to win this code. :) Okay, here's the cute little springtime pet (which you can buy in the Pirate101 crowns shop today)!

Code For Crowns
(Can Only Be Redeemed One Time)


April 14, 2014

Springtime Pets Are Now In The Crowns Shop!

Ahoy Pirates!

Kingsisle released the Springtime Pets in the Crowns Shop today! If you haven't heard by now, I've been giving away codes that have to do with these springtime pets. They are so cute. I have two or three of them on the game now and I think they're my favorite pets. :) I'm sure you've noticed the pets I've been hiding on this blog, that's exactly what Kingsisle released in the crowns shop. :D Make sure you get these pets before Easter ends! If you would like more information about these pets, just click HERE. I'm going to give away a random Springtime pet on my blog now and if you follow my social sites @AroundTheSpiral on Twitter and Like Around The Spiral With Edward Lifegem on Facebook you'll know the next time I post a code. I will warn you all on the two before I post a code. I will continue doing this through tomorrow but on the 16th of the month, I will no longer post codes on my blog posts. I will have a new contest before Easter so make sure you look for that. Okay... here's the code. :D If you already redeemed a code, please allow others to have a chance to redeem this code. Thank you and good luck everyone. :)

For Random Springtime Pet


New Easter Mounts!

Hello Wizards!

Today Kingsisle released two new Wizard101 mounts to the crowns shop just in time for Easter. Well, it's called Spring mounts but I'm going to call them Easter mounts instead. :) These new mounts are EPIC. Seriously... I want one! I will get one before Easter ends. :D I hope you all decide to get one too because they are only available for a limited time which means you won't be able to buy them after Easter until next Easter. You can buy the Caerbannog Rabbit for 3,750 Crowns and the Prismatic Hare for 4,500 crowns only in the crowns shop! Make sure you try because these Easter mounts are pretty epic. :D If you would like more information about these mounts, just click the image below.