May 21, 2016

Valencia Part 2: Likes (Spoilers)

Ahoy Pirates!

I've decided to make a few posts over this weekend about what I think about Valencia Part 2 so far. I can tell you that there IS a challenge so far. It looks like it's time to start farming for the gear from Moo Manchu because this world is very challenging. I promised myself I wouldn't make this post about dislikes, so I'm going to talk about a few things that I like about Valencia 2 so far! I only made it to level 66 1/2 so keep in mind that I don't know everything and I'm only going off a little section of Valencia 2.

#1: The Storyline: I've always loved the Pirate101 storyline! This is a continuation after Aquila. We're sent to the Capitol of Valencia 2 to find Captain Gunn since he has Catbeard's piece of the Map to El Dorado. I'm not going to say too much on this post because I want it to be a surprise for everyone. I'll just say that this storyline really involves our companions when talking and a lot of times it's very funny! I like how Kingsisle makes our companions feel alive and not just running around with us like robots (not the Armada - though it would be cool to have an Armada companion, no we're not getting one in VL2). I really do like everything so far, so I can't wait to quest through the live realm to see what else happens.The storyline is sure to make you laugh at points if you do read and listen to the dialog like I do. :D 

#2: Our New Companion, Contessa: If you didn't know by now, we do get a new companion in the game. Kingsisle actually gave us a sneak peek Vine a few weeks ago that shows her main attack on an enemy. She is an awesome companion and I can tell I will be using her as one of my main in VL2 when it's released to the live realm. As I've mentioned above, Kingsisle gave life to the companions and Contessa was one of the new companions that they made seem very funny and awesome. I will be using Contessa as one of my main companions because of her strong hits on enemies! :D

#3: Some Of The Challenge/ Not All: Some parts of the challenge of this world is the way it should be since it is the world after Aquila. Now, other challenging parts.. you'll have to read my Dislikes post on that. I think this world should be a little challenging, especially for those who can quest through very fast and say they're bored a few days later. I can tell this will take me awhile to get through and this was what I was expecting, at least some of the sections of VL2. 

#4: The Gold: I've noticed that we receive a lot of gold after fighting mobs and especially bosses in VL2. I actually received one treasure chest that had over 9k gold! I'll have to go back and find out what boss that was because I have a feeling that'll be my new boss to farm gold from if there's not another boss in VL2 that has more gold. I really can't believe the amount of gold this world gives, and I think it's awesome if you ask me. If you're worried about running out of gold, this update is the place to go... so far! I hope they keep this in the live realm. It'll be a lot easier to buy one of the ships.. 

#5: The Pirate Ships: I LOVE that the ships are from other worlds and are level 70. I don't know if this is temporary since this world was released earlier than it was expected to (at least it seems that way to me), but I still love this idea. I'm actually a fan of the Marleybone ships and I was upset when I couldn't use mine anymore when I had to quest through Aquila. There are actually ships from what seems each world that everyone can use and they're all level 70 ships! There is also equipment for these ships which you'll have to check out.

#6: Valencia Part 2: I love VL2 and I can tell Kingsisle put a lot of work to make it seem different than the first Valencia. I'm very thankful we have a great team to put this world out. I love a lot of how VL2 looks including the amazing Sunset (or Sunrise?), the buildings, NPCs, etc.. Thank you Kingsisle! I can't wait to see how everything else looks when I'm able to quest through the entire world on the live realm. I always save the rest as a surprise. :) 

These are really the main six things that I love about this new update! I really didn't tell you everything which was my goal, only things that I liked about this new update. I'll have a dislike post later today or sometime this weekend. Thank you all for reading and thank you Kingsisle for an awesome new update. Until next time, I'll see you around the Skyways!

May 20, 2016

Pirate101 Test Realm ONLINE: Valencia Part 2

Ahoy Pirates!

It's Friday and the Pirate101 Test Realm is ONLINE. We will now be able to log into the test realm (if you have bought at least $6 worth of crowns or have a Pirate101 Membership in the last 30 days) to test out new content update Valencia Part 2. This new update will raise the level cap from level 65 to 70 and have many other features. I'll be testing it out this week and making a few posts about it! I hope you stick around for that. Make sure you report ALL of the bugs you see to Kingsisle using the bug feature on the test realm. If you would like to read more information about this awesome new update, click this hyperlink -> HERE. If you would like a link to download the test realm, click anywhere on the image below!! Happy Testing!

May 19, 2016

NEVER Share Your Account Information (2016)

Hi there,

You should never share your user account information (including user & passwords) with anyone. I've been playing the games for awhile now and I can't even tell you the amount of people who have lost their Wizard101 & Pirate101 accounts because they shared their account information with somebody that they shouldn't have. Trust me, I want all of you to keep your accounts! This starts with not sharing your personal information with anyone in any shape or form. Here are a few steps you should take to KEEP your account safe.

1) Don't Trust All Websites. There are many websites out there trying to steal your information because you choose to share your user and password information with them. Kingsisle has made sure that you know that you shouldn't even share your password with them. This means you shouldn't share your password with anyone else. Keep your account safe. Untrustworthy websites can steal your information just like that. Your account will be stolen and/or banned if you do share your information.

- Below are the links to the Offical Wizard101 & Pirate101 websites. Any other website asking for important account information are not of Kingsisle and should be reported right away!

Click this image to access the REAL Wizard101 Website
Click this image to access the REAL Pirate101 Website

2) Use Official Launchers. Yes, there are official Wizard101 & Pirate101 launchers. USE the launchers that Kingsisle has provided to you. You are at risk for having your account stolen. I'm not just making this post for no reason at all. I've been making online safety posts since I first started blogging in 2010. Please trust me, I want you to keep your account. Your information will enter a separate database outside of Kingsisle's and your information will be stored there.

- REPORT: You should report anybody that are using something above like this. This should not be allowed and I've heard of many people having their information stolen by websites and users such as these. If I see it, I'm also going to report to Kingsisle. I'm not afraid of websites like these because each one has been taken down since being noticed by the community and Kingsisle. We can make a difference and make sure nobody loses their accounts by reporting them to Kingsisle right away.

I've made many other online safety posts in the past, but I'll link you to my Online Safety Page so you can read more about how to stay safe online. Please stay safe. It's important. Sharing information such as passwords is just you taking one major step in the wrong direction. Click this hyperlink (HERE )to read more about how to stay safe online. You can also click this Hyperlink (HERE) to view all of the official Kingsisle links.

May 18, 2016

Betrayed By Monkey King! :O

Ahoy Pirates!

It's Wednesday! That means that... It's Wednesday. Okay, not that much fun. Okay, I won't lie it certainly is a great day for me because I'm finally off of school for Summer Break! I've had a lot of times to make blog posts, but I've been looking for the Pirate101 Test Realm. Valencia Part 2 will be released soon (even though I'll pretend Edward Cringle knows nothing about Valencia Part 2). I can't wait! The test realm should be released this week or sometime next week. I hope to see you there testing the new update out with me. :D

Other than the Test Realm, I've been looking forward to completing Mooshu. On my last blog post, I had to fight Stormzilla and six Tengu Goblin Sorcerers to retrieve the Jade Egg that the Dragon King wanted in return  for one wish or the return of Monkey King's staff. I retrieved the egg and returned to the Lake Floor to give the Dragon King the egg. I had to be careful because the Koi Guardians were still guarding the king. I swam around and was lucky not to be pulled in. I'm always one to get caught in a battle, especially on Pirate101. I was lucky not to be caught as much on Wizard101, but once I joined Pirate101, I've had to fight hundreds of enemies that I didn't need to fight (okay maybe not that many :P). Anyways... The Dragon King kept his word and returned the Monkey King's staff to me so I could return it to the Monkey King so he could destroy the lock that was keeping him locked in a cage. By the way!! I leveled to level 47 after completing that quest. One step closer to 50!

I sailed back to the Monkey King's Cave and gave Monkey King his staff and to my not being surprised, he betrayed me and ended up summoning other monkeys to fight me. I didn't have as many issues this time around defeating the four or five monkey king lookalikes mostly due to having the right companions. I always level my companions close to my level and of course promote them if needed. I always say that, but I'll say it again just in case there is somebody new reading. Just a little bit of advice! Also.. just a warning to all of you pirates out there... Monkey King is going to betray or already has. :P After I defeated the Monkey King, Shunzang The Wize told me in a letter that he knew the Monkey King would betray me and wanted me to return to the Eternal Serenity to talk to him about it. It looks like it'll take a little while to sail there so I am going to end this post right now. Thank you all for reading. I know this post has nothing to do with Valencia Part 2, but I'll mention it again.. Look at all of the Pirate101 Social Media for updates! We should have the test realm very soon. :D Let's continue to support Pirate101 as much as we can. Now.. I'm going to take my leave. Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

Ha, I forgot to take a screenshot of Shunzang. Enjoy this image of my Witchdoctor in Valencia 1. :D

Castle Darkmoor - Lower Level: Likes/Dislikes

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great week! I've been behind on blog posts lately because I've been looking for the Pirate101 Test Realm. I know that has nothing to do with Wizard101, but I'm telling you now so you know why I haven't made any Wizard101 blog posts in nearly a week. Last week I had a chance to quest through the first dungeon of Darkmoor for the very first time. Yeah I know I'm behind on a lot but I'm glad I'm finally catching up!

I quested through the first dungeon with Ronan Dragondust (his life wizard). He was very nice and asked if I needed help questing through a few Darkmoor dungeon instances.  I have a lot of comments about this first dungeon, especially about the second boss. I'm not going to name every boss in this dungeon, mostly because I don't want this post to be a guide. I want it to be more like a Darkmoor likes/dislikes blog post.


- The very first boss, Howling Chaney, was pretty easy to defeat if you have a plan. I actually defeated the first boss for the first time a few months ago. You always have to have a plan when going into a boss battle and if you have that plan, this first fight will be pretty easy for you.

- This first dungeon was a fun dungeon for loot. I actually won level 100 balance boots from the first boss. I mean who doesn't like winning loot after a long battle? 

- After the dungeon, there's an area where you can teleport back for the second dungeon. I really thought you had to quest through the entire dungeon to complete it. Could you imagine doing that with all of the cheats?!

- I LOVE that there's a Skeleton Key Treasure chest! I was lucky to access this thanks to Ronan.

- The observatory puzzle was really the easiest part of this dungeon, thanks to Duelist101! :P


- I don't like how there are many cheats, especially with this second boss, Sir Blackwater. As someone who went through the Malistaire dungeon back when the level cap was 50, I never thought the Malistaire dungeon was so tough that younger players couldn't get through. After seeing this dungeon, I can tell that the cheats from this second boss would be hard to remember. We could barely remember the cheats that there were so many. Thankfully we were able to find guides on Central and Duelist101, otherwise, there was no way I would have made it through this dungeon alone the first time around. I've always been somebody who likes to solo Wizard101 every now and then. There's no way I could solo this dungeon without the already best gear. I really have a lot of comments about this dungeon, but most of you already know about it which is why I'm not going to mention any names or anything. I hope Kingsisle fixes this main dislike that I have about the very first dungeon. PLEASE change this. Players should be able to have fun in a dungeon. I know it shouldn't be easy, but fighting a certain cheating boss for an hour or two, fleeing and recalling, is not fun at all. This is really the main issue I had with this first dungeon. 

Check back for more like/dislike Darkmoor posts!