September 22, 2018

First Day of Fall!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday and First Day Of Fall (Autumn). Summer has finally decided to rest and give Fall a chance to shine. I surprisingly also got to wear my hoodie for the first time in several months because the temperatures have been dropping. I am so happy to finally say that it's my finally my favorite time of year!

Wizard101 and Pirate101 started celebrating this time of year by releasing a new mount, the Autumn Leaf Swarm. This new mount can be bought in the crowns shop in both games for 5,000 Crowns. This mount actually reminded me of many fond memories. The house I grew up in had a large tree that dropped many thousands of leaves during Fall. My sister and I would always build a leaf fort every year. We would always try our best to keep all of the leaves in one spot, but when a gust of wind came through it would take so many leaves with it. We weren't sad about these gusts of because it was fun to see all of the leaves "swarm" around. Anyway, let's talk a bit about some treats!

I've been sick over the past week but that hasn't stopped me from preparing for the Halloween Run. I announced that I would be having a Crowns Raffle on my Official Halloween Run Post that will be published on Friday, September 28th. This is exactly one month before our event takes place so that gives you plenty of time to watch the guide, enter contests, etc. I'm not going to give too many hints about what this year's event will be like, but I will say it'll be amazing. I think the community will love what we have planned. I am very much looking forward to this event and the epic raffle. Mark your calendars. The Halloween Run will take place on Sunday, October 28th.

By the way, you may have noticed that I've also updated my website to match the Fall/Halloween theme! My goal for next week is to try to update the pages on this website. I started working on them a few months ago but that was more of a test. I'd like to update them completely. I think the page I am most looking forward to updating is the Online Safety Page. That page has been up for 8 1/2 years and hasn't had too much of a change. I think that'll be one of the first pages I'll update. The rest of the pages will be updated as well. Let's hope I can get this done by Friday! Anyway, I should get going because I'm going to attend Legends of the Spiral's Decaversary Maze Event. It'll be a-maze-ing! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

September 21, 2018

Edward Gem Crafting Adventures: Wizard City

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful week. I was sick over the past few days which prevented me from making blog posts that I've wanted to make, but I am proud to announce that I am finally feeling better! This means I can talk about something that I gave up doing for at least 7 years... crafting!

I loved crafting when I first joined the game and crafted up until Zafaria was added to the game in 2011. After Zafaria, I gave up my original crafting adventures because I wanted my main focus to be on the storyline, that is until the creation of my new myth wizard, Edward Gem. Mr. Gem and the amazing people that quest with Autumn & I every Tuesday inspired me to start crafting again. We only quest once a week, so we have plenty of time to do side quests (such as crafting) on our wizards when we're not questing. So let's talk about the first crafting quest from Wizard City.

You can collect the first crafting quest from Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town. The first part of the quest requires you to find Mist Wood (which can be found in Olde Town). After you turn the first quest in, you'll get another quest that requires you to craft 2 Daggers of Absolution. You can look for reagents or buy them from vendors. Below you'll see what I did to create the two daggers.

Four Sapphire
Costs 60 Gold from Elmer Meadowglass (Olde Town)
Eight Black Coal
Costs 40 Gold from Elmer Meadowglass (Olde Town)
Four Mistwood
Found mine is Olde Town, can be found in most areas in Wizard City
Four Cattail
The Commons, Cyclops Lane, and Unicorn Way (anywhere in water)

Crafting in Wizard City was very easy to do! I found everything I needed in a short amount of time. I think the only advice I have to offer you if you do plan on crafting is to collect any reagents you see (especially during the member benefit time). This Novice Crafter will prepare in advance for my next crafting quest in Krokotopia. I plan on collecting as many reagents as I can as I continue questing and side questing. Let's hope the next quest is this easy. Thank you all for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

September 20, 2018

Kingsisle Live: Thursday, September 27th

Hi there!

It seems like this month flew by! Wizard101's 10th Birthday was nearly three weeks ago and we'll soon be starting the month of October. We can't get ahead of ourselves just yet because the month of September is not yet over. Kingsisle is celebrating the end of the month by having a new episode of Kingsisle Live on Thursday, September 27th. Spread the word to your friends:

September 2018: Kingsisle Live
Thursday, September 27th
4:00 pm Central / 5:00 pm Eastern

September 19, 2018

Wizard101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 2)

Hello Wizards!

A few weeks ago Autumn Dreamwalker & I created new wizards and asked everyone in the community to do the same. We're now streaming our questing adventures as one big group every Tuesday on Twitch! Keep reading to see what we did last week and where we ended our questing for the night.

We logged on and started the "Who's in Charge?" quest in Triton Avenue that required us to defeat Scarlet Screamers to collect Lumina Crystals. We didn't get to complete this during our first week, but last night we did. We finished all of the required quests in Triton Avenue within the first hour of the stream. After we finished all of the Triton Avenue quests, we made our way to Firecat Alley.

Firecat Alley was a lot of fun because we got to defeat a lot of fire elves. By this time, we were getting tired, but we kept going! After defeating fire elves, magma men, and a few banshees, we made our way to Alicane, the main boss of Firecat Alley. We eventually defeated him and completed Firecat Alley. This is actually where we ended up other than helping a few awesome friends with the Kraken Fight. Now that I've talked about what we did last night, let's talk about where we ended up and what you will need to do before next week.

Quest: "A Giant Problem"
Level: Levels 9-10
Your Task: Complete Side Quests In Areas Below
Commons, Golem Court, Unicorn Way, Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley

Week 3: Questing Stream
Tuesday, September 25th
6:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Eastern

September 15, 2018

Wizard101 Questing Streams: Where We Ended Up (Week 1)

Hello Wizards!

Last Tuesday, Autumn and I started questing with an entire group of wizards. We asked everyone to create new wizards so we could quest together in-game. We picked up the first quest from Headmaster Ambrose and started questing together through Unicorn Way & Triton Avenue.

Our last stream was a lot of fun! As I've stated, we started our main quests and ended up questing through Unicorn Way and Triton Avenue. We didn't do any side quests, as we plan on doing those on our own. Our main goal is to try to get the main quests out of the way every Tuesday and then do the side quests that we miss on our own time. However, we did complete one side quest that gave us our first bottle & we trained spells that would help us with questing. Now that I've made a little bit of a recap, let's talk about where we ended up on our last stream and when we'll be streaming again.

"Who's in Charge?"


Your Task Before The Next Stream
Complete side quests in Unicorn Way & Triton Avenue