August 28, 2015

Cotton Candy!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you had a great week. I had a busy week because I had a few homework assignments I had to finish right away. I know next week I should have a lot more time because this week I registered late to a class that I needed and this week I had two weeks worth of homework assignments! I'm thankful I'm done with that and I can make a post for you again. :) I got to log onto Pirate101 today and quest a little bit on my swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. :D And let me say... COTTON CANDY again.. :P Trust me, you'll understand soon why I keep saying that over and over. :P

Now before I tell (show) you why I keep mention cotton candy, I'm going to talk a little bit about what happened the last time I made a post about my swashbuckler. On my last post I had to save Mayor Komatsu about an attack made by ninja pigs that was arranged by Doctor Noh. Doctor Noh is General Tso's righthand man and he's recently attacked many leaders around Mooshu that want to keep peace. The Mayor told me that I needed to talk to Constable Tatami and tell him the news about the Ninja Pigs. Constable told me that I needed to talk to Egg Foo Yung and ask him where Doctor Noh is so I can defeat him so he doesn't do anything like this anymore and reveal General Tso's plans. Today I had a chance to talk to Egg Foo Yung and level to 44! :P Egg told me that Doctor Noh was hidden inside a vortex called Tai Foon Vortex in Khotan Skyway.

I entered the Vortex (or Cotton Candy machine :P) and found the ship Doctor Noh was hidden on. I had a chance to hit a few times but wouldn't be able to sink it because it's unsinkable and will pull you into battle. Doctor Noh wants to fight you, not sink your ship. :P This fight was easy. I can't believe I'm saying it but I didn't have any issue with this fight because I was well prepared with my attacks. I'm sure I'm going to regret saying that soon, but I guess I can at least be happy about this fight. This fight was easy mostly because I was able to defeat Doctor Noh before he hit me or any of my companions. I think I might have been lucky this time around. :D Make sure you're careful when you exit the Vortex since there are turtles flying around. Anybody craving cotton candy? I am, but I have no idea why. :P So today, was a lot of fun since I was able to defeat Doctor Noh and return him to Egg Foo Yung. Next time we'll find out who has the piece of the El Dorado map and who we have to defeat to get that piece of map.. I'm curious (even though I already know, you might too, but ya know). :D Okay, time to end this post because now I'm rambling... COTTON CANDY!!

Doctor Noh likes Cotton Candy, why else would he hide in that vortex?! Well remove the fact that he did bad things.

August 24, 2015

KI Live: Wizard101's 7th Birthday!

Hi there!

The community managers of Wizard101 and Pirate101 are having another Kingsisle Live on September 3rd, 2015 (next Thursday) at 4:00 P.M. CST. I'm going to list a few reasons I'm excited about this Kingsisle Live below.. I'm sure many of you can tell I'm excited about this next KI Live, who isn't?! :P

  1. Wizard101's 7th Birthday: I've been on the game since Wizard101 celebrated their first Birthday. I remember a time before they had mounts, school themed houses, advanced spells, and even the crowns shop itself. Time flies by when you're having fun and everybody knows Wizard101 is a lot of fun. I can't wait to see all of the decorations in the Commons. I'm excited about Kingsisle Live because well.. think about it.. Kingsisle Live is always fun, but this one will have a special Birthday included! :P A few of you pirates should attend because Wizard101 is a major reason why Pirate101 is here! ;D
  2. NO CLASS: This is completely random, but I don't have class next Thursday and that means I'll be able to attend the event. Last year I didn't get to even attend Wizard101's celebration itself since I had class. I'm going to finish all of my homework and everything so I know I'll be able to attend. :D YES!!!! Sorry, I'm excited!
  3. Our Community Managers: You know Tom, Leala and #JuliaFromKI put a lot of hard work into each and every episode of Kingsisle Live and it really means a lot to me (and I'm sure many others) that they created this wonderful livestream for us! Thank you for everything you do for the community and for being the best people ever! 

Click this Kingsisle Live image for more information!! :D

August 23, 2015

Morganthe Fight: 2nd Time's a Charm!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you are having a great end of your weekend! I still can't believe it's back to school time already.. You know that means the Holidays are right around the corner. :P It doesn't mean I won't make blog posts though. :D I have plenty of great posts planned. :) I know I've been slacking a little but I promise I'm not giving up on this blog or especially you! Speaking of not giving up, Autumn and I decided to try to fight Morganthe again since my Fire Wizard and her life wizard didn't collect the quest the last time around.

The last time we were online we had to fight Morganthe but didn't have as much experience as we did now as we do now. I think today was pretty easy since we knew how to defeat her. We wasn't defeated this time around which really shows how much we had fun. I'm glad we both decided to log onto the game today and try it again! This shows that you should never give up on something you're working hard for. Remember that if you fail the first time at something that you're working hard to finish on the game or even in real life, it's okay! You will always have plenty of chances to do the the thing you always want to do or in Wizard101's case, defeat that boss. I've had plenty of times on the game where I wasn't able to defeat enemies on the game and thought I'd never be able to. I didn't give up and was able to defeat them. Today we didn't give up and defeated them! I've had times alone on quests where I thought I'd never get to a certain level or quest through a dungeon alone, but I did! As I said above, my advice is to NEVER GIVE UP! :) You'll make it through whatever you're going through if you remembere to keep trying. :)

I really hope you loved my Never Give Up speech as much as I loved defeating Morganthe with Autumn again the second time. We had the same plan to cast as many aoe spells to defeat all four Morganthe bosses. I'm just glad we collected what we needed to finish the rest of the storyline to prepare for the next world. This is the first time in years that I've finished the main storyline before a new world was released! Get ready, because you'll finally see me making posts about the new world (whenever it's released). :D This was a random post, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! I love making posts for you and about you know, one of the best games in the world! :D Thank you all for reading this post and hopefully I can make another post soon after this short week of class. :) Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral! :)

You gotta admit, that's pretty awesome! Hmm, I can't wait to see Old Cobb again... 

August 19, 2015

PayItForward: Paige Moonshade

Hi there!

This is the second Pay It Forward blog post out of three posts that I'm going to make. I'm sure there are people who don't know this blog and in this case, I think that's great! I wanted to make Pay It Forward a part of the community to show everyone that we care that we're happy to have a certain person in the community. I'm going to give a shoutout on this website to three different people each month in the community (even if they've been chosen in Pay It Forward).

Paige Moonshade

The second person of the month is Paige Moonshade! Paige has been in the Wizard101/ Pirate101 community for many years! She's made many amazing blog posts about housing updates, had amazing contests like her Annual Best Little Dorm In Wizard City and has always been nice to everybody in the community. You can also click on the image attached above for a link to her amazing website! Paige, I'm thankful that you're here in the community and I know the community wouldn't be the same without you! I want to thank you for all of the hard work you do on your blog and keeping the community together. :) If you can, please make a post when you can about a certain someone you think deserves a shoutout in the community for just being who they are. :D You can make a post about somebody on Twitter or anybody that you think deserves a shoutout on your website. Don't forget not to mention that I'm the creator of this Pay It Forward. I want it to be a secret. :) It's not that much of a secret, but soon nobody will know who I am and that's my goal. I want somebody to know that they belong in the community and we care about them. :) Don't forget to tell the person that you mention to PayItForward!

PayItForward: ShadowhornGG

Hi there!

A few days ago I decided to share a certain streamer, youtuber, blogger or anyone that's really nice a shoutout on my website. Trust me, if I don't share you, I'll most likely give a shoutout to somebody here on Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem! The rules are: 1. Pay It Forward by giving a shoutout to somebody else that is special in the community. 2. Don't tell anybody that I'm the one who created the Pay it Forward for the community. 3.  Keep in mind it can be about anybody in the community!


ShadowhornGG is actually Blaze Shadowhorn from the Wizard101 community. We have been best friends/bros for over four years! He has done a lot in the community in the past who knows how many years and currently has a Twitch Stream and plays games such as Smite, Wizard101, Surgeon Stimulator (he's the best surgeon :P) and many other games! He just created this Twitch stream and does giveaways on it as well! He's done a lot for the community and was recently up from Midnight until 5:00 A.M. playing Wizard101 on his Twitch Stream! That's dedication! :D Make sure to check his Twitch Stream out by clicking the image above. :) Make sure to Pay It Forward to someone in the community that has done something amazing in the community that you think should be shown. You can only do it on your Twitch Stream when you're livestreaming. Make sure to tell that person to PayItForward to somebody else. Remember not to mention me!