December 19, 2014

Design A Pirate101 Christmas Ship Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

I can't believe how many wonderful entries I've had for this contest! This contest might have been my favorite contest I've had and I'm glad it could be my last one until I have another in the future when I'm back and blogging again. All of you are so talented and I wish I could give everyone a prize, but I only have a few codes to giveaway! Here are the winners for my Pirate101 Design a Christmas Ship contest:

1st Prize Winner: Virtuous Anne Radcliffe
Hoodoo Bundle + 5,000 Crowns!

2nd Prize Winner: Clumsy Calamity
Empire Bundle + 2,500 Crowns!

3rd Prize Winner: Bad Terri Jones
Beastmaster Companion (Yohr)

4th Prize Winner: Crazy Ryan Upham
Prince Yulefest Companion

5th Prize Winner: Brave Andrew Evans
Prince Yulefest Companion

Thank you all for your wonderful entries! This contest shows what reminds everyone of Christmas and/or what they thought a Christmas ship would look like. I think this was an amazing contest to have. :D I am happy I could have an amazing contest like this one last time, I can't wait to have more contests like this in the future (when I'm back). I hope you all enjoy your Christmas/ Holiday! :D I wish all of you could have won this contest. Thank you so much for entering. If you didn't win, upload your picture on my official Around the Spiral Facebook or Twitter and tag me and I'll share it. :) Thank you for all of your time on your art, even if you didn't win this round. I really wish I had more prizes to giveaway, I'd give you all a prize. :) Well... I guess that's it for my last Pirate101 Contest from Kingsisle. Thank you KI for all of your support and for you for entering my contests (crazy or amazing). :D 

December 17, 2014

Where Are You Christmas?


I promise I'm not done blogging just yet, I still have to catch up on a bunch of Christmas songs I missed during the weekend.. I keep missing Christmas songs every week because I am almost always watching a Christmas movie. :D This weekend I watched Elf, The Santa Clause and Home Alone! Anyways, I'm going to make this post short so I can post a few of my favorite Christmas songs. :D Here's one by Faith Hill, Where Are You Christmas?

December 16, 2014

The Future of this Blog

Hi there,

Yesterday I announced that starting in January I would no longer make blog posts (at least for awhile). This doesn't mean I'm quitting the games, I will still be on the games and in the community. :) I just don't think I should make blog posts until I'm ready to make them again. I'm really thinking I should get through at least a few semesters of school before I start blogging again. I really don't think this is an end of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem. I'm going to level my characters on both games and unfortunately, this means I won't make blog posts about Edward Cringle until he's max level (or whatever max is at the time). I want to come back and blog again, but I feel like now isn't the time to blog about every adventure I have in the game and have time to catch up on things that I've missed in the past and have a bigger and better blog in the future for you all to read. I promise, this month isn't a goodbye, I believe I will be back. I don't think I'll be back soon. I'm still going to attend parties, take screenshots of the game and of course announce the contest winners of the Pirate101 Contest. :) My Pirate101 Design a Christmas Ship contest is still happening, so enter that before December 19th. :) I am no longer a Pirate101 Fansite owner, but I still have bundle codes, crowns and companions to giveaway. :) Okay... no more sad posts this month, I think it's time to get back to posting about my swashbuckler, Christmas songs and any fun updates that will be released this month! :) OH, one more thing.. I really want to thank Kingsisle for all of the fun I've had in the past five years, I love blogging about the games and even though soon I won't be, I still love the games and will be playing them. :) Thank you Tom for accepting my fansite application in November 2012, this shows that if you keep trying for something, anything can happen! :D Which is why I'm going to level my characters and plan something very special for this blog for the future. Thank you for reading. :)

December 15, 2014

Taking A Long Break

Hi there,

I have decided that this will be the very last year of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem. I love making blog posts about the game, but I think it's about time for me to stop making blog posts. I'm not going to stop this month, but I do plan on stopping when Around the Spiral turns five years old. I can't believe this blog is about to turn five years old! I'm happy that this blog lasted this long, but I don't think I should continue another year. I have had so many memorable posts (like the Ravenwood Ball, Pirate101's Grand Opening, New World announcements), and I've enjoyed making these blog posts. I love making posts like this, but I don't feel like this blog is the way I want it to be, at least for now. After my contest ends, I will announce the winners of it. I hope I can come back later down the road and feel like I did when I created this blog. For now, I'm going to finish this month off with a bang, and then start my break in January! I will still be on the games leveling! I plan on leveling my characters as much as possible. Hopefully by the time I come back, Edward Cringle will be level 65 (or whatever max is then) and all of my wizards will be level 100! Thank you so much for all of your support, I hope to return soon. Remember, I will take my break starting in January but I'm not announcing when I'm coming back. This blog will still be up. I will no longer be a Pirate101 Fansite owner (at least for now). I will be back, but after a long needed break. I'm not promising weeks for sure, months, it could be longer than a year. I will finish off this year with a bang, but I will be back. I might come back on May 10th to make a short post about my 5 year Blog Birthday! I'll be here everyday this month. I really hope I do come back and level, but if I don't think I should, I promise I will at least have one month in the future where I make blog posts everyday and end it off on a good note. :) I also MIGHT make blog posts if I feel like it during my free time. I will not announce it on my official social networks though. Thank you for reading! ~ Edward Lifegem

December 12, 2014

My Grown Up Christmas List!


 Today's song is My Grown Up Christmas List by Kelly Clarkson! By the way, don't forget to check out all of my favorite Christmas songs this month! :) I will have at least 25 favorite Christmas songs leading up to Christmas! Less than 2 weeks to go!!! (Remember to spread love and kindness to everyone, no matter what).

Last Christmas (Ariana Grande)

Hi there,

I didn't get to post a song yesterday because I was decorating my house for Christmas. :D I think it looks good (probably the brightest house on the block so far). Anyways, here's another favorite song of mine. Last Christmas by Ariana Grande!

December 10, 2014

I'll Be Home


There's only 2 weeks until Christmas Eve! :D I can't believe time is going by so fast. I am going to celebrate everyday before Christmas since it's my favorite time of year. Are you excited for Christmas this year? I know I am, and I'm thankful! Thanksgiving isn't the only time to be thankful, I think Christmas is also a good time to be thankful. I am thankful for my family, friends and of course Jesus (not in order). Before I ramble, here's a song from Meghan Trainor, I'll Be Home!

P101/W101 12 Days Of The Spiral, Day One! (2014)

Ahoy Pirates & Wizards,

Kingsisle is having the 12 Days of the Spiral event again this year! I'm sure most of you remember the past few years and this event has been an amazing event each and every year. This year Kingsisle is starting the event with a Bah Humbug Mount. This mount is available but it's very special because Kingsisle is giving a portion of proceeds to two organizations: Austin's Children Services and Children's Medical Center Foundation! Kingsisle is an amazing game team, and I will always remember how amazing they are. I'm going to buy one of these mounts! Lets try to raise more money than we did in the past this year, buy yourself one! :D This mount is available on both games! Click on one of the images below to find out more about the mount and charity. :D Merry Christmas!