August 18, 2010

Been Out And Back!

Sorry That I haven't been on much! But now i am going to be on much more and I am going to be upgrading my blog. Again sorry I haven't been on much!
This is my last post for the day, and wanted to see how you guys rate my blog!
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And Please tell me what I could improve on!
Thanks For all of those who will read this!

Have a Great adventure in the Spiral!
~ Edward Wintergem

A couple images of celestia!

A Sun Teacher, I wonder if she is related to Dalia Falmea?
Oh a moon teacher. I really do like this photo!!
And lets not forget the New shark mount expected to come in Celestia! kinda looks like Bruce from find nemo!
And last but not lease The squid mount! Imagine riding him in celestia!

Celestia or not?

I am wondering is Celestia ever going to come?! Well Wizard101 Had a maintenance last night from Midnight to 6:00 in the morning. I am wondering if that had to do with anything. Well i am hearing it is the servers again. But why would they do 2 of them? As all of you are asking when will Celestia come? Will it be before school?
Well I am thinking that Celestia will come this week on test realm. It will be later released late summer/ early fall in the live realm!

Have fun in the spiral!
~ Edward Wintergem