April 30, 2011

Sick Day Post:

So tomorrow. I am going to take a break from blogging. Not feeling so well. I will be back Monday Though, Here are the Blog posts I was going to Do tomorrow. Enjoy. Credit Goes to Kingsisle For The Abracadoodles!

Abracadoodles #28 #29 #30 And #31

Another Post:
Would Like to Mention More Blogs You Should Follow, So I can Help My friends With Their Blogs :) They Are Very Nice Blogs! Thanks If You Do Follow Them!

Elite Wizard: http://elitewizard.blogspot.com/
The Pyromancer's Digest:http://www.thepyromancersdigest.com/
Stormy Skies: http://www.xstormyskiesz.com/

Really do like these 3 blogs, So help them Out :) Thank you!
And Another Post For Tonight, I want to talk about Wizard101/ Facebook Language:

The Facebook Bad Language Is getting very bad Along with the Wizard101 Bad Language. When You do this, There Are younger Viewers around! And You are ruining the game and Facebook. So please Don't Do this Around Younger Viewers, OR anyone else. It really does make a difference When you don't Use bad language on facebook Or the game.

Have Fun Around The Spiral! And Stay safe! And Don't Use bad Language!

~ Edward Lifegem

For wizards on Facebook

As you Know by now. There Is a virus Going around Facebook. I am removing/ blocking Everyone Who sends them to me. If you see someone Send you a message About profile views, don't click on it. Its very Important That Everyone stays Safe Online and Offline of Wizard101. You can Also mark this as spam. Just A notice IF you didn't know. Its quite Annoying! So The people who sent them out at first. PLEASE stop now. Thank you! And sorry If any friends on here are followers who I removed. Be safe

~ Edward Lifegem
Hi everyone! I hope your Saturday Is going well so far :) Mine is going great! And I really wanted to show you A Couple Of photos From the test realm. The Photos are Of My Fire And Life Judgement pets :) Both Epic. The Fire Pet: Her Name Is Pepper, And the Life: Chloe. So Enjoy these photos :) Oh And The fire photo has 2 Pets.

And Tomorrow, I will Be taking some photos For those Who can't Log into the Test realm And see Wintertusk. And If you can, Remember: You have to finish Grizzleheim To Receive Access From Merle Ambrose to get Into Wintertusk! I Am Going to Take A Couple Of random Photos, And this Is a spoiler Of Wintertusk, So If you Do not Want to see it, Don't Look at the post tomorrow :) And I Just wanted to share A couple Of things About Wintertusk That I like:

I really Do like the Fact That there is a lot of quests there to keep you Busy. I Think That If Anyone Does Beat all of the Side quests/ main quests In one day: They Wouldn't have sleep Or have eaten Anything During the Day/ Night!

Another Like Is that Its a challenge! Now Some Of you May not like Challenges In  Wizard101, But I am One Who does, I think That the bosses Are Tough, Which Is good, And They do Drop Very Nice Robes/ Athames/ Rings/ Amulets, Ect. So If you want to farm A boss, You could farm there :) Not just Celestia now. Celestia Is hard To farm in, For example: Stormriven. If You want To get in a battle, You would have to change all realms.. And One time I did do that, And couldn't find anywhere to farm. In Wintertusk, There are bosses With Sigils So you can Farm them Solo Or with Friends :)

Another Like: When I was there, Everyone was Helpful, So thats About All Of My Likes For Wintertusk. Now For ONE Dislike.


The Dislike Would Most definitely Be People On the test realm Asking Where you Get the pets, When You Should Read the update notes :) They really do give a great source Of information. And If you don't read them, You won't Know where anything is in the test realm. So make Sure you Do read them! It Is a lot easier When You do Know where Everything Is. And, Porting there Won't Get You your Pet. You have to finish grizzleheim, And go through Wintertusk. And Finish Nordrilund Exposure Quest.

See you All Around The Spiral

~ Edward Lifegem ~

Off Topic Of Wizard101

Today, I want to show you A video Of A tornado That Hit Alabama. Thanks WizardWeekly, Other than the wedding everyone was talking about, there was also a disaster In the South-East
Pray For Them, They Will Need it. Thanks Everyone For reading.

~ Edward Lifegem

Wintertusk Accomplishments/ Awesome Rug Glitching :)

How Is Wintertusk Going For Everyone In the Test Realm? So Far For me Its going great! I have been Finding New things Ever Since I started the Test Realm-  Wintertusk. I Like The crafting gear! It looks very awesome. I Think When I reach Grandmaster Artisan In the Live Realm On My ice, I am going to craft some things for my Characters :). I Have Also Been Leveling Pets to epic, Shown In Recent Posts,  So for The Talents Are EPIC. And I plan To hatch Hybrids In The Live Realm When Wintertusk Is Released.

Also, I want to show a Few Photos From My best friend Mary Dreamshade! Her House Has awesome Rug Glitching. And She Has Been Doing this a while, But this Might be the best to me so far! Here are the photos :)

And Here are A couple Of photos From The Pvp Party/ Alric Ravensingers House!
Btw, A very Awesome House!

Didn't Get to Take Much Photos Because I didn't Get to Stay Long. Oh well, Maybe the Next Pvp Party I will Take More Photos :) Other Than the 6 blog posts From Yesterday. I think I might do 2-3 Today. And So far This Is My Second Blog Post. And Would Like To think All Of My friends For Following My Blog :) Still A new Blogger, But I think I am Starting To Understand it Now! And, I Thought I would Have 45 Followers By The End Of May. And I already Have 41 Followers So far, So thank You again For Following My Blog! Stay Safe And Have Fun Around The Spiral!

And Along With This Post I would Like To Help Bloggers Out! Follow these Blogs Please!
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Thank You For Following If You do :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Abracadoodle #24 #25 #26 #27

Wizard Weekly:

I do Not Own This Video/ Abracadoodle.
Give Credit To Fawne. And The Wizard101 Website!

Will Do more Posts later on. Have Fun Around The Spiral Everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

April 29, 2011

I lied: One More Post! Another Chance :)

Okay, I am doing this blog post to Help Out Another blogger. I know It Was Bad In Copying Other work, But She said Sorry. And In her Blog post, She Said That She was very sorry And She Knows it was wrong. I followed Her blog again :) She also Said That She was new at blogging, Just like me I know how it is during your first couple of blog posts. So, Lets Try to Help Her In Tips For Her blog. I told her in A message. That Pvp, Crafting.. Ect. Could Help With your Blog, And If you guys do think I am wrong for helping her, Okay. But I am very glad she did say sorry. Thanks "Anonymous". And Good Luck On Your Other blog posts. Remember If you do want photos, Just ask me. And Most likely I will let you use them for your blog. Just remember Say Credit goes to... And The Person your borrowed the photos From. Just don't Copy Words, Use your own words Of what you think they are doing In their Pictures. And I forgive you.

Have fun Around The Spiral

~ Edward Lifegem

P.s. Wizard Weekly Will Be Posted Tomorrow With The Other Blog Post :)

One More Post About Blogs :)

I have a few  Blogs I would Love to Mention, I think They are Very Nice blogs. And really wanted to mention them Today with all of the other posts I Just put Out today. Here they are:

My Wizard101 Site: http://mywizard101site.blogspot.com/
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The Chillanthropologist: http://kevinbattleblood.petnome.com/
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Diana Wildheart: Guardian Theurgist Journal:http://dianawildheart.blogspot.com/
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Ditto Monsters Bloggy Thingy: http://dittomonster.com/
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The awesome Diviner: http://www.awesomediviner.com/
The Pyromancers Digest!: http://www.thepyromancersdigest.com/
The Elite Wizard:http://elitewizard.blogspot.com/
Homework In A Graveyard: http://autumnaldusk.blogspot.com/
A Mythspent Youth: http://mythspent.blogspot.com/
Ravenwood Radio: http://ravenwoodradio.com/
Stars Of the Spiral: http://www.starsofthespiral.com/
Storm Skies: http://www.xstormyskiesz.com/
Rogue Sorcerer: http://www.roguesorcerers.com/

These Blogs, Are One of a kind :) So Don't mess them up. :D
And If I haven't Followed Your Blog And you Want me to, Just Write Below. And Follow These blogs If you can, Will Be adding More blogs When I Find them All out :) Enjoy these blogs!
~ Edward Lifegem

Epic Fiery Judge Talents- Test realm :)

Okay I have One More pet For The day :) Here Is the Talents Of An Epic Fiery Judgement Pet!

Very Awesome Right? :)

Thats The last Post For the Day! See you all around the Spiral, Or tomorrow For The next Blog Post :)
To get the Hatch You mix Phoenix And Judgement/ Kraken And Judgement. I Think there Is A Bug In Hatching. Most likely It will Be changed soon. 

~ Edward Lifegem

Epic Astral Judge Talents- Test Realm

Okay I leveled My Astral Judge To Epic. And here Are The stats :) Enjoy Everyone, And These are very nice stats for the Life Judgement!

And here Are The Talents Up Close :)

Okay, There Are the pet Stats, Enjoy, And I hope To hatch This Pet for My Life When It Is released To the Live realm. I think that this May be the best Pet I have Leveled So far! I Am really Enjoying Leveling Pets And Showing them On my Blog. Ask If You want To use these :) And Most Likely I will Say Yes. This Is From The test realm! 

Have Fun Around The Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

A few Likes/ Dislikes About Wizard101

So, I am going to do a post About my likes and dislikes about wizard101. Thanks Mary, For helping me find out a post while the test realm Is still Offline :) After this Post tell me What you think About my Likes and Dislikes of the game :)

Likes: A few likes Would be,
Hatching: The hatching Is a very good Idea because: For Example: On the test realm, There are A forest lord Pet And Ice Wyvern. You would really Like A forest lord pet, but you are The Ice school. So When you hatch. You can get the Ice Pet Of forest lord. So Thats One of My likes :)

Another One Would be, Crafting: Crafting Is very helpful in gear, And If you haven't Noticed The gear From Celestia/ Wintertusk, They are very Good! I think That they Help your stats a lot more than The level 58 Gear, Or Level 60 gear on test realm :)

One more Like: Gardening: I love the gardening Because its very fun/ entertaining! You can also Get treasure Cards From this. And They Can be A variety From Balance Blades To Orthrus!


Bad Language: Bad Language Really does ruin the game. For example: As many Posts Before, There has been a lot of Trash talk/ Bad language In Wu Area One, The commons, You really Need to calm down there. You have to understand Kingsisle Doesn't tolerate That, And you will be reported for it If it gets too bad.

Pvp Sometimes: :), So In pvp, Some of the warlords Are Not very nice. And some Of them Are very nice! I suggest If you want to pvp, Just turn off chat so you Won't hear The bad comments if you win, or lose, I think pvp Looks fun, But I don't pvp.

One more Dislike would be: Teleporting/ Joining a battle: Please ask If you are getting ready to port or join a battle, For Example: If you are about to die and Someone teleports, It wouldn't be very good, You probably would have to restart Your battle. And Don't get mad at the ones who didn't ask. I understand it can be frustrating, But We all Want the game To be very nice :)

Thats one of my blog posts for the day, More being released soon, Have fun Around the Spiral, And Stay safe!

~ Edward Lifegem
Abracadoodle #20#21#22#23

Got this From The wizard101 Website Credit Goes to them :) Sorry I didn't Tell you guys that the days before! Just glad I get to use these so Everyone who didn't get to see them can see. Yeah, Stay safe Around The Spiral, And I will be doing another blog post over my new Judgement pet On the test realm soon :) See you later Everyone! Or Around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

April 28, 2011

Ice Kraken: Epic: Talents.

Okay So here Is another Pet I have been Leveling In the Test realm. Spoiler Of what Ice kraken's Talents Are.

Now Here Are The Talents.

The Ice Kraken Is also A reliable pet. So try to hatch it when It Is released to the Live realm
Kraken Plus Ice Wyvern

~ Edward Lifegem

Thunderbird: Talents:)

Here Is the Talents Of thunderbird!

Hope you Plan to try For the thunderbird pet when its released in the live realm! Have fun Around the Spiral!
Phoenix Plus Kraken

~ Edward Lifegem