April 22, 2011

10 Dollar Gift Card Code Giveaway

I am giving away a 10 dollar gift card Code For Wizard101!! This is what I want you to do, I Need you to tell me Where the following Reagents are:

Black Lotus:
Ghost Fire:
Lava Lilys:
Red Mandrake:
Scrap Iron:

And One Of the best answers to All of the following reagents will Win the code!

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The contest winner will be announced Monday Not tomorrow! And Good luck :)


Blaze Fireblood said...

Black Lotus on Mooshu(Tree of life, Ancient burial Grounds, or transmute it)
Nightshade rare from deep mushroom
Ghost fire, just bought from reagent vendors
Lava Lilies Dragonspire(anywhere with lava)
Redmandrake I've seen a lot in Wizard City, any streets except unicorn way i guess.
Ore I get a lot of it on Dragonsprite atheneum and switching realms is good.
Scrap irons in marleybone I got a lot from Newgate prison, just search aroun and switch realms.

To make it easier :P Buy all the transmute cards, and buy all the easy reagents at the bazaar.

Rose Marie said...

Black Lotus: Mooshu
Nightshade: Rare harvest from Deep Mushroom; Everywhere
Ghost Fire: Vendors Dragonspyre and Celestia
Lava Lilys: Dragonspyre
Red Mandrake: Everywhere!
Ore: Everywhere!
Scrap Iron: Marleybone


Edward Lifegem said...

Howdy Amber :)

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Excellent idea :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! :)

Unknown said...

Black Lotus: MS o: where da cows live :D
Nightshade: everywhere where o:
Ghost Fire: DS o:
Lava Lilys: DS :D
Red Mandrake: everywhere o.o
Ore: all over da place :D
Scrap Iron: MB :{D

Justin said...

Black Lotus: Every area in Mooshu
Nightshade: Every world, Except Celestia only in Stormriven
Ghost Fire: Vendors in Mooshu, DS, and Celestia
Lava Lilies: Dragonspyre, Helgrind Warren
Ore: Everywhere
Scrap Iron: Everywhere in Marleybone, Floating Land, District of the stars

Zitio said...

This is a pretty long list, bear with me.

Black Lotus: Many places in MooShu; Celestia (The Floating Land); Gardening (Burning Snap Dragon)

Nightshade: A rare drop from Deep Mushroom, found in every world - several places in Wizard City, Krokotopia, and MooShu, and also a few places in Dragonspyre (The Forum, The Great Spyre, The Necropolis, The Crystal Grove), Marleybone (Katzenstein's Lab, Newgate Prison), Grizzleheim (Northguard, Savarstaad Pass, Mirkholm Keep, Vigrid Roughland), and Celestia (Stormriven)

Ghost Fire: Gardening (Burning Snap Dragon) and also reagent vendors - Yuji Hamada (MooShu), Zoltan Nightstone (Dragonspyre), Archytas (Celestia)

Lava Lilies: Many places in Dragonspyre; Grizzleheim (Helgrind Warren); Gardening (Burning Snap Dragon, Pink Dandelion)

Ore: Almost everywhere, though in MooShu it's only found in the Cave of Solitude. Also from gardening (Snap Dragon, Helephant Ears)

Scrap Iron: Many places in Marleybone; Celestia (Floating Land, District of the Stars); Gardening (Burning Snap Dragon, Helephant Ears)

Black Lotus, Nightshade, Lava Lilies, and Scrap Iron can be transmuted.

Thanks for the contest, I hope my list was clear enough. :) I'm following your blog as Zitio.

Aedan Morgan/Aaron Starheart said...

Black lotus and red mandrake- Floating land by the living waterfall
Ghostfire -any reagent vendor above mooshu
Nightshade- Transmute from deep mushroom(very cheap at bazaar )
Lava lilies- Dragonspyre (Lava equals lilies)
Scrap iron-Marlybone, Katz lab, Knights court, East and West clocktower (first floor go out come back in)
Ore- Dragonspyre acadamy

good luck everyone

Luke GoldHorn said...

Ok, here is my entry:

Black Lotus: I like to run my routes for Black Lotus in the Village of Sorrow (I go to Oyotomi, then to both portals and switch realms).

Ghostfire: I like to go to the reagent in Celestia for this, as since I do most of my questing there, it's easier to just pick it up when I go for mana pickup. But honestly, you can puck this up at any vendor after MarleyBone Crafting.

NightShade: I sometimes transmute these at the Bazaar, but I pick a lot of NightShade and Deep Mushroom on my Black Lotus route through the Village of Sorrow listed above.

Lava Lilies: Lava Lilies aren't too hard to find, as not many people look for these (however, with the addition of the Celestian Observatory, this has sort of changed; before they weren't really needed for anything special). You can find these at the Atheneum and Tower Archives route as later explained in the Ore route. Basically, you just go along the lava rivers in these areas, and you're bound to find a whole bunch of 'em. You can also find Stone Block and Ore on this route.

Scrap Iron: For Scrap Iron, I usually go to Hyde Park in MarleyBone. The route there isn't quite too popular, and there are many exceptions to it which make it worth checking out. If you just switch realms between the three portals on the street and check behind the water towers, you should be able to find a decent amount of Scrap Iron.

Ore: Ore tends to be rare nowadays, and you should consider yourself lucky if you can find a decent route that isn't well used. The route I used (however popular) is in the Atheneum in DragonSpyre. I got behind the actual Atheneum building (where the Stone Rose is), and you can actually pick up some Stone Blocks doing this as well. Then I go over to the minigames and also in the Tower Archives (at the two open areas right outside of the door back to the Atheneum). This route could also be used to farm Lava Lillies due to the fact that you can always stop by the lava river at the Atheneum or in the Tower Archives.

Red Mandrake: For Red Mandrake, there are two routes I run, the later usually being more successful. The first is in NightSide in Wizard City, but the thing about this one is, too many people know about it and use it, so you can find yourself waiting for hours with not much to show for it. However, there is also a less popular route in Cyclops Lane that is usually more prosperous. If you start right near Eyus Maximus's Tower and then head over to Romulus's castle, you should be able to get a decent amount of Red Mandrake.

Thanks so much for the contest! I wish everyone else the best of luck!

Unknown said...

Black Lotus: Most of Mooshu and Floating Land (Best place to look is in Cave of Solitude)

Nightshade: Rare Harvest from Deep Mushroom Nightshade is located in a few areas in Wizard City including Olde Town, Nightside, and Haunted Cave. This is also located in most of Mooshu.

Ghost Fire: These are easy to obtain, you just have to go to the Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, or Celestia Reagent Vendor and buy it.

Lava Lilys: Located in a lot of Dragonspyre, I find myself harvesting them in the Atheum, but it is easiest to buy them in the bazaar where there are a ton for sale.

Red Mandrake: Easiest to find the in bazaar (a ton are for sale), but you can look in Cyclops Lane, Nightside, and Haunted Cave.

Ore: Found in the bazaar (sometimes) but also found in Haunted Cave and areas of Dragonspyre.

Scrap Iron: Found best in Chelesa Court, here is my best route. When you first enter Chelesa Court, take the first right. Then, change realms to a "Perfect" realm. After, look for scrap iron in the area. If its not there, then go out a bit and look for it. Then, change realms when your ready. Repeat this process, especially at night.

Hope I helped! :P

Edward Lifegem said...

Follow My blog If you can! Thanks for commenting Everyone, And good luck :)

LillyB said...

I did, btw this is Lilly :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Winner Will be announced tomorrow! So good luck Everyone! And the winner will be contacted either on facebook or email!

tatiana shadowflame said...

followed :)and the one place you can find all of those reagents? the bazaar of course lol

Edward Lifegem said...

Thanks Tatiana!

Destiny Dragonbringer said...

I'm a bit late to post as well... those answers are awesome lol!

Just wanted to comment that your contest is great. :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you Zip! And I plan to have more contests with 20 dollar cards in the future :)

KathyTP said...

Is the Contest still open???? If it is, here is my entry:

Black Lotus: I like to get Black Lotuses at Tatakai Outpost, I go to the teleporters and go to all the places you can with it. Go near the dojos and you find at least 2 each run.

Nightshade: Nightshade is from deep mushrooms. You can get deep mushrooms around the spiral except Celestia, I got most of mine from Mooshu in Ancient Burial Grounds near the boss dojos and on the sidewalk. You can check the bazaar if it sells any, there usually are at least 100.

Ghost Fire: To get ghost fire you just go to the reagent vendor at Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, or Celestia. It costs 100 gold.

Lava Lilys: Lava lilies are found in Dragonspyre, I get mine near the recipe vendor in the Atheneum and across from where Zeke is in the dragonspyre commons or where lava flows. You can also get a fire blossom its a rare reagent that you may get when harvesting lava lilies. There are a lot in the bazaar.

Red Mandrake: You can red mandrake in Nightside near the trees or at the sides of the Death school. You can also get it from Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, Haunted Cave and Sunken City, you can get it near the castle.

Ore: Ore is pretty easy to find, a lot of them are in Dragonspyre. The easiest route is in the Atheneum in the wall near the mini games or the other side of the wall. If there aren't any there, look behind the building opposite the mini games. In this route you will get 2 ore respawn points and 2 stone blocks as well. You can also go in the tower archives and when you enter look at the walls to the side to see if there are any ores there.

Scrap Iron: Scrap iron is easy to find they are in a lot of places in marleybone but a faster way just go to Counterweight east or west and when you go inside collect the scrap iron (its on the first floor, don't have to fight anything) get out and repeat. There may also be mist wood. You can also get it from plants Burning Snap Dragon and Helephant Ears. In Celestia there are scrap iron also ( the floating land and district of the stars )

Good luck collecting reagents ;) and check the bazaar often because some people might be selling the reagents. You can also transmute some of these reagents, you can buy the recipes in Marleybone from Felicia Worthington ( the craft quest giver in marleybone ).

Transmute red mandrake:
recipe cost: 300 gold
10 mist wood and 10 deep mushrooms
crafting rank: initiate

Transmute scrap iron:
recipe cost: 300 gold
10 stone blocks and 10 ores
crafting rank: initiate

Transmute Black Lotus:
recipe cost: 300 gold
10 cat tail and 10 ore
crafting rank: initiate

Transmute lava lily:
recipe cost: 300 gold
10 stone block and 10 cat tail and 10 ore
crafting rank: adept

Transmute nightshade:
recipe cost: 200 gold
15 deep mushrooms
crafting rank: apprentice

If you need any help or question feel free to ask me :) and awesome contest

KathyTP said...

uhms who is the winner?