April 25, 2011

Abracadoodle #7

Wintertusk Update: I Think That Wintertusk Will be released Very soon, Today Or tomorrow Most likely. They had a maintenance Last night, And Didn't say that There wouldn't Be a game Update, And didn't Say that they were doing hardware Upgrades. So get ready For Wintertusk If you haven't Already. Remember, You have to finish Grizzleheim In order To get access To the New Side World Of wintertusk. With The update: New Level 58 Pets, New Level 60 Spells, And Spell Upgrades, Plus the new World Of course! And a lot of Other updates Are Going to be released with this new Side world.

Bad Language: When On the Game, Wu Area One: The commons Or Ambrose Area One: The commons, Please Don't Use bad language, Its Really starting to ruin The game. A lot of People Don't Want to see it, And you Will Be reported If you keep it up. Or on Facebook, Don't use Bad language On facebook For the World To see! There Are A lot of kids On facebook/ Wizard101. Remember, Don't use bad language, Or you will Get muted/ Banned If you keep it up.

Here is the World Of Kroktopia: Different Pictures Around Kroktopia!

Stay Safe Around The Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

I know Ambrose area 1 and Wu area 1 are the worst, but bad language is all over the place and people really should watch what they say. Thank you for bringing this up here so more people are aware of it!