April 3, 2011

The commons, Bad language, And the word noob.

If anyone is in the commons and you hear someone use bad language, or are being mean to someone else, make sure to report them. They are one of the few who are trying to ruin game play for everyone else. I know that some of my friends might do that too, but please stop, because all you are doing is drawing people that are going to report you, your way. In the commons people who first start the game doesn't want to hear you using bad language. And last but not least, the word NOOB, Just so you all know everyone started out level one. So please think before you say, because some people including me don't like that word. Okay now i am going to go for now, if you see me in the spiral say hi to me! like adding new friends!

~ Edward Lifegem


Malorn Ghostrider said...

Actually, KI says that you shouldn't report someone for being rude.... Technically speaking it would be a false report.

Edward Wintergem said...

No, i mean With bad language and being mean along with it. Not just being rude.

Wolf Sky said...

I totally agree it's the reason I made my group Honorary Detectives we sense crime undercover and when we do we might report or worse.

Wolf Sky said...

KI said that? Wow that's not like KI I think their company has been taken over by another company. KI is becoming to harsh now.

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