April 11, 2011

Farming for Gold?

I think the best place to farm for gold is Celestia, Some people believe the ravens give more gold, but I believe that Celestia gives a lot more gold. When you were Questing in Celestia How much Money did you make?? Most likely a lot more than any other world in the Spiral. The other day I sold everything from my backpack and most of it was Celestia Gear/Ring/Athames and made 131,000 gold!! Then again, My backpack was full. So if you are thinking about farming you should farm throughout Celestia!!

~ Edward Lifegem


Jen said...

Nice picture of RA. Does that mean you are finally admitting it's the best spell in the game? :P

Edward Wintergem said...

LOL well its not my favorite spell, my favorite spell is snow angel :P