April 29, 2011

A few Likes/ Dislikes About Wizard101

So, I am going to do a post About my likes and dislikes about wizard101. Thanks Mary, For helping me find out a post while the test realm Is still Offline :) After this Post tell me What you think About my Likes and Dislikes of the game :)

Likes: A few likes Would be,
Hatching: The hatching Is a very good Idea because: For Example: On the test realm, There are A forest lord Pet And Ice Wyvern. You would really Like A forest lord pet, but you are The Ice school. So When you hatch. You can get the Ice Pet Of forest lord. So Thats One of My likes :)

Another One Would be, Crafting: Crafting Is very helpful in gear, And If you haven't Noticed The gear From Celestia/ Wintertusk, They are very Good! I think That they Help your stats a lot more than The level 58 Gear, Or Level 60 gear on test realm :)

One more Like: Gardening: I love the gardening Because its very fun/ entertaining! You can also Get treasure Cards From this. And They Can be A variety From Balance Blades To Orthrus!


Bad Language: Bad Language Really does ruin the game. For example: As many Posts Before, There has been a lot of Trash talk/ Bad language In Wu Area One, The commons, You really Need to calm down there. You have to understand Kingsisle Doesn't tolerate That, And you will be reported for it If it gets too bad.

Pvp Sometimes: :), So In pvp, Some of the warlords Are Not very nice. And some Of them Are very nice! I suggest If you want to pvp, Just turn off chat so you Won't hear The bad comments if you win, or lose, I think pvp Looks fun, But I don't pvp.

One more Dislike would be: Teleporting/ Joining a battle: Please ask If you are getting ready to port or join a battle, For Example: If you are about to die and Someone teleports, It wouldn't be very good, You probably would have to restart Your battle. And Don't get mad at the ones who didn't ask. I understand it can be frustrating, But We all Want the game To be very nice :)

Thats one of my blog posts for the day, More being released soon, Have fun Around the Spiral, And Stay safe!

~ Edward Lifegem


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Thanks for the idea for the hatching xD I am life and I really want forest lord lol. I also want judge pet for my balance level 50 xD I totally agree with the PvP chat topic. When I was a captain and I lost a match the Warlord were like you shouldn't PvP you noob so yea.... Nice post xD I hope to see more amazing posts from you xD

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! :)

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Yeah, not all, but many pvp people can be rude. They ruin it for the people who are trying to have fun. And you forgot one like......All the awesome people you get to meet :D