April 30, 2011

Hi everyone! I hope your Saturday Is going well so far :) Mine is going great! And I really wanted to show you A Couple Of photos From the test realm. The Photos are Of My Fire And Life Judgement pets :) Both Epic. The Fire Pet: Her Name Is Pepper, And the Life: Chloe. So Enjoy these photos :) Oh And The fire photo has 2 Pets.

And Tomorrow, I will Be taking some photos For those Who can't Log into the Test realm And see Wintertusk. And If you can, Remember: You have to finish Grizzleheim To Receive Access From Merle Ambrose to get Into Wintertusk! I Am Going to Take A Couple Of random Photos, And this Is a spoiler Of Wintertusk, So If you Do not Want to see it, Don't Look at the post tomorrow :) And I Just wanted to share A couple Of things About Wintertusk That I like:

I really Do like the Fact That there is a lot of quests there to keep you Busy. I Think That If Anyone Does Beat all of the Side quests/ main quests In one day: They Wouldn't have sleep Or have eaten Anything During the Day/ Night!

Another Like Is that Its a challenge! Now Some Of you May not like Challenges In  Wizard101, But I am One Who does, I think That the bosses Are Tough, Which Is good, And They do Drop Very Nice Robes/ Athames/ Rings/ Amulets, Ect. So If you want to farm A boss, You could farm there :) Not just Celestia now. Celestia Is hard To farm in, For example: Stormriven. If You want To get in a battle, You would have to change all realms.. And One time I did do that, And couldn't find anywhere to farm. In Wintertusk, There are bosses With Sigils So you can Farm them Solo Or with Friends :)

Another Like: When I was there, Everyone was Helpful, So thats About All Of My Likes For Wintertusk. Now For ONE Dislike.


The Dislike Would Most definitely Be People On the test realm Asking Where you Get the pets, When You Should Read the update notes :) They really do give a great source Of information. And If you don't read them, You won't Know where anything is in the test realm. So make Sure you Do read them! It Is a lot easier When You do Know where Everything Is. And, Porting there Won't Get You your Pet. You have to finish grizzleheim, And go through Wintertusk. And Finish Nordrilund Exposure Quest.

See you All Around The Spiral

~ Edward Lifegem ~

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Wintertusk will be awesome for farming! I can't wait until it goes live.