April 29, 2011

One More Post About Blogs :)

I have a few  Blogs I would Love to Mention, I think They are Very Nice blogs. And really wanted to mention them Today with all of the other posts I Just put Out today. Here they are:

My Wizard101 Site: http://mywizard101site.blogspot.com/
The Pie Loving Necromancer: http://www.pielovingnecromancer.com/
Diary Of a Wizard: http://www.diaryofawizard.com/
The Chillanthropologist: http://kevinbattleblood.petnome.com/
The Helpful Wizard: http://helpfulwizard.tk/
The Saviors Of The Spiral: http://www.saviorsofthespiral.com/
Diana Wildheart: Guardian Theurgist Journal:http://dianawildheart.blogspot.com/
The Friendly Necromancer: http://thefriendlynecromancer.blogspot.com/
Ditto Monsters Bloggy Thingy: http://dittomonster.com/
Paige's Page: http://moonshadesawizardsthoughts.blogspot.com/
The awesome Diviner: http://www.awesomediviner.com/
The Pyromancers Digest!: http://www.thepyromancersdigest.com/
The Elite Wizard:http://elitewizard.blogspot.com/
Homework In A Graveyard: http://autumnaldusk.blogspot.com/
A Mythspent Youth: http://mythspent.blogspot.com/
Ravenwood Radio: http://ravenwoodradio.com/
Stars Of the Spiral: http://www.starsofthespiral.com/
Storm Skies: http://www.xstormyskiesz.com/
Rogue Sorcerer: http://www.roguesorcerers.com/

These Blogs, Are One of a kind :) So Don't mess them up. :D
And If I haven't Followed Your Blog And you Want me to, Just Write Below. And Follow These blogs If you can, Will Be adding More blogs When I Find them All out :) Enjoy these blogs!
~ Edward Lifegem


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Thanks Edward for posting about my site(mywizard101site) but I am sad to say but that one I don't use anymore. If you could please edit it and put this link instead that would be great xD

Thanks for the post :D

Fatal Exception said...

Hi, Edward! If you deem it worthy, might you consider "Homework in a Graveyard"? If not, it's understandable. I've taken the liberty of adding you, as well.

Be Well!
-Autumn Duskhunter

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes! Sorry, That blog is One Of my favorite blogs :)

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Hi Im from Ashleys tips and pips. I recieved your comment and I think you're right. I removed the photos and will never post them again. I will only tell the information. Is that ok??
Thank you

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes, Thank you :)

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Sorry about the This post has been removed by the authors.
Do you mind by adding mine??