April 6, 2011

Pet Rock No longer Available? Wintertusk Being released soon?

Well I heard From a friend on wizard101, and looked in the crowns shop, the pet rock is no longer available. That did really last long, no wonder they had a timer counting down for it. And I think that they will add Wintertusk The new world soon. Its the second and final part Of grizzlehiem. They Had an extended maintenance  this morning, 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. They said no additions were being made to the game, but how do we know that they were making additions for the test realm instead of the live realm?? I cant wait to see Wintertusk and the new areas we get to explore in the near future. Hopefully we wont have to wait that long, after all wintertusk is being released this month! Its just when this month is it going to be released.

~ Edward Wintergem

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