April 2, 2011

Pet rock

Well there was a 10 day timer counting down for something special on Wizard101, turned out it was a pet rock. If you want more information on the pet rock it can be found here https://www.wizard101.com/game/promotions/petrock

In other news, There is also a new world Called Wintertusk, no word yet when it will be released on test realm or live realm. Here is another link so you can read about it if you haven't already.

And I am going to try to update my blog more, I have been so busy in leveling my characters in Wizard101. And hopefully i can do that everyday if i remember.
There is also a mount give away and the sites giving them away is:
Ravenwood Radio: Sunshine Pony
Petnome: Proud lions
Awesome Pyromancer: Dark wing Dragons
West karana: Manta rays
Homework in a Graveyard: Swiftshadow wings
Valerian: Chestnut ponies
That Pyromancer: Bengel tigers
Kestral: Dream fillies
Diary of a wizard: Sea turtle mounts
Ditto Monster: Lobster mounts to 12 lucky people plus 3 lucky people will get 2500 crowns Plus a lobster mount.
And last but not least Wizard101 Central: Starshine ponies, Royal Lioness,  And batwing mounts.

And remember, BE SMART in wizard101, and don't give away private information, or your password in wizard101, thats the same as giving away private information.

You heard it from,

~ Edward Wintergem

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