April 30, 2011

Wintertusk Accomplishments/ Awesome Rug Glitching :)

How Is Wintertusk Going For Everyone In the Test Realm? So Far For me Its going great! I have been Finding New things Ever Since I started the Test Realm-  Wintertusk. I Like The crafting gear! It looks very awesome. I Think When I reach Grandmaster Artisan In the Live Realm On My ice, I am going to craft some things for my Characters :). I Have Also Been Leveling Pets to epic, Shown In Recent Posts,  So for The Talents Are EPIC. And I plan To hatch Hybrids In The Live Realm When Wintertusk Is Released.

Also, I want to show a Few Photos From My best friend Mary Dreamshade! Her House Has awesome Rug Glitching. And She Has Been Doing this a while, But this Might be the best to me so far! Here are the photos :)

And Here are A couple Of photos From The Pvp Party/ Alric Ravensingers House!
Btw, A very Awesome House!

Didn't Get to Take Much Photos Because I didn't Get to Stay Long. Oh well, Maybe the Next Pvp Party I will Take More Photos :) Other Than the 6 blog posts From Yesterday. I think I might do 2-3 Today. And So far This Is My Second Blog Post. And Would Like To think All Of My friends For Following My Blog :) Still A new Blogger, But I think I am Starting To Understand it Now! And, I Thought I would Have 45 Followers By The End Of May. And I already Have 41 Followers So far, So thank You again For Following My Blog! Stay Safe And Have Fun Around The Spiral!

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~ Edward Lifegem

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