May 27, 2011

Ambrose Area One- Commons

Hi everyone!

Believe this or not, I have actually met some nice wizards in the commons! When on my myth character, I have met a warlord trying for the Wizard101 Central 200th Tournament. If you would like information on that, Here is the link!

I have also met another nice Wizard- Sophia Silverheart. She told me she has a blog on facebook, and I would like if you liked her page on facebook! The link to her blog on facebook is:
A link to her blog!


When I was in the commons this morning, I didn't have to report/ warn anyone about using bad language. If I am not jinxing myself, I think the commons might be changing! Thank you WAC! You guys are really helping the commons! :) Hopefully the commons does stay that way, that would be a, miracle! Lol maybe not a miracle but you guys know what I mean!

One more thing,

I would like to thank everyone for helping our blogs out for the official community blog. We really do want to become a community blog, we just need your help and support to get there! Hopefully all of us do make it. Remember keep trying bloggers out there, and I am sure you will make it! Good luck everyone! Oh and If you would like me to put your blog on my list, just comment below, I don't mind helping other bloggers!

Have a great day around the Spiral, Remember if you do see me, I will add you!  Thanks everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem


Anonymous said...

Hi! My blog is at:
See ya 'round!
Malorn SwiftSword

Edward Lifegem said...

I have just added your blog to my blogroll and followed your blog :)