May 14, 2011


Wow! We had an awesome party with Ambrose2Zeke, I really want to show you guys a photo of what happened 10-20 minutes after!

Yeah that happened, I feel sorry for ambrose2zeke, and only a couple of people were there before, Amber Rosepetal,  Tatiana Shadowflame,  and tatiana's friends Aaron and Richard so.. Thats it, not much showed up.. Just wanted to say thanks for those who did, and I know everyone was busy, you could have shown at least 5 minutes though.  Anyways, shout-out goes to Ambrose2Zeke:

~ Edward Lifegem

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Xinaed said...

With the way mine and Z's schedule is, we aren't making it to many parties, and when we are on and there is a party, we try to make it, but on days like yesterday anyway (don't know when this party was) it was so crowded in game, it would have been impossible for us to show up.