May 3, 2011

Another Facebook Virus.

Okay, I have been putting a few posts about viruses Going around On Facebook. Here Is another one. There Is another virus on Facebook that Is spreading around. So Here Is an Example From Real Life: If you are Sick And someone has a virus, You want to stay away from them So You Don't Get Sick Right? Well This Is how The Facebook Virus works Also, Don't Click On it And you won't get the Virus. Here Are the Viruses So far.

The Osama Shotdown Video Virus
Profile View Virus
Hack Facebook Virus

Please Remember: Do not Click On The Virus, Or you computer Will get the virus, Do Not go around A person With A virus Or you will get sick. If you don't Everything Will be Alright :) Hope This makes A great point Everyone. And It seems Friends are still clicking on the viruses And Making their Computer get them. So don't be Next. Thanks Everyone!

1 comment:

Autumn DreamWalker said...

People should remember that pretty much any video of a major news event should be treated as a virus, unless it comes from a reliable news source. :)