May 27, 2011

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Hi everyone,

There have been some issues with getting into the community blogs for Wizard101. Earlier post was very rude against kingsisle, I am sorry. I just wanted to redo this post :) first off, I have been hearing that everyone is blaming the official bloggers. Don't do that because they didn't do anything, they are blogging for wizard101 just like us. Kingsisle sent them the card codes to support them. We should do the same guys, please don't make them feel bad or anything :)


If you guys think you can make it, and you don't have blogger, good luck :) I think most of the bloggers I know could make it too! I know I am a new blogger, but last year when I started my blog I really wanted to become a community blogger, because that was my goal on my blog. Its okay that I can't running through blogger though, If they decided to change the rules on that, that would be very awesome, and I think everyone knows I would be submitting my blog to them :) Remember guys, Your blogs are great, just keep up the great work, Don't quit blogging and enjoy blogging for a very great game. Thats why I started blogging last year because I really do like Wizard101.

Fansites/ Blogs are no longer accepted for Wizard101. I will just make this site my fansite Since I do enjoy it, along with 72 followers :) I hope you guys enjoy. I think if they ever do accept fansites again I will try to submit mine. It was a year goal, when I first started blogging I wanted my last goal to be a fansite, I really do enjoy blogging, so who cares if kingsisle isn't a fan of my site or any other bloggers site. Its their loss, I hope to get more followers though. I know some wizards care about some code for an Aladdin house, but that really did ruin our chances. More bloggers are quitting because of this, I do admit Kingsisle, Its very very rude that you guys quit the submitting for those who really wanted to join, and the way you said no, not right at all. I think you could have said that a little nicer, both actually. I also want to give a shout out to Kyle Firegem who was preparing his site for a fansite, and they quit the thing before he could even finish. Sorry Kyle.

If you like Wizard101, Don't blame anyone! :) Thanks Wizards!

~ Edward Lifegem

P.s. Don't make me post the Finding Nemo(Justkeepswimming) Video again! :)


Anonymous said...

I am glad you redid this post :)

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

I agree bro... You and I were going to submit our sites next week but now thats gone... And I would also like to send a shoutout to TDEATHGEM who bought a domain but then couldn't apply