May 15, 2011

Contest Details/ New features On my blog!

Hi everyone! I would like to announce my next contest! I am not going into full detail because this contest will be at a certain point! This contest has to do with 6 codes. Thats all I am telling about that. Now for this contest to show up in another blog post, I really would like 60 followers. The sooner 60 followers are following Around the  Spiral with Edward Lifegem, the sooner I can announce the contest :)
The reason for doing this contest?
Well, I am doing this contest because I am planning on submitting my blog as an official blog for Wizard101, I think that the more followers, the more of a chance I will get the official blog for Wizard101 right? :) I will be changing my blog around the next month. On June 15th, 2011 I will be sending Professor Greyrose an email for the official wizard101 blog. The site will be changing too, the sites name will be instead of 
Adding New Things to this blog
Yes, I am adding a few features to this blog. One of the new features will be a chat option to chat with friends on my blog! There will be moderators there, because I do not want bad language on there. Sorry guys, Have to keep my blog nice! I will choose who will be moderators on my blog when chat is up. During the chat, It will be up during a new blog post, and it will last 20 minutes. Only talk about wizard101 guys. thanks :)

Okay guys, Thats it for now! Please do enjoy my blog, and Don't forget, as new followers do join, do not use bad language on my blog! Thanks everyone!

~Edward Lifegem


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Awesome changes! The ones you made tonight and the ones you will be making next month :D

Anonymous said...

Sweet! i like the chat change, and smart idea, the moderator.
Malorn SwiftSword