May 25, 2011

Contest Ends- New blog Post

Hello Everyone!

I would like to announce the winners before doing a new blog post for the day! These are for the 5 kingsisle game codes and the 10 dollar wizard101 gift card code!

  1. Grand Prize Winner: Diana Wildheart
  2. Kingsisle Code Winner 1: Ashley Fairyfriend
  3. Kingsisle Code Winner 2: Jennifer Dreamslinger 
  4. Kingsisle Code Winner 3: Spiral Blogger
  5. Kingsisle Code Winner 4: Chris Storm Sword
  6. Kingsisle Code Winner 5: Peter Venuti 
Congratulations winners! I hope I can have more contests again, its very fun having contests! If I make it for Community Wizard101 blog maybe I can :) Once again congratulations, and for those who didn't win, Next time :) I like having the contests, so be here next time for the next contest everyone! The next contest won't be so easy. Since I am a little slow today, Kingsisle free game code winners, I will give you your codes soon! I need to get to level 8+ for each of those!

Sorry Kingsisle code winners, that I haven't been able to get the codes to you lately. Been really busy, and yesterday I didn't get to get the codes for you the time I wanted to because there was a tornado warning.


Other than the contest I would like to show you a couple of rug glitching photos, which I think are very awesome! Enjoy :)

Very awesome right?

One more thing to talk about,

Remember everyone, In Wu area one- the commons, If you are using bad language, or anything that shouldn't be said in the game you will be reported. Please don't make yourself get banned because of using bad language or what not. First of all its annoying, and it shouldn't be said for everyone in the game to hear. Kingsisle didn't make the game for everyone to start using bad language in it, they made it for it to be fun. Another thing, everyone please stop saying " I need a girl" "I need a boy" in the game,  For example:

If you guys started running around in real life, lets just say at Gamestop, most likely everyone would be looking at you wondering why you are saying that. Thats the same in the game everyone! So please don't say it, PLUS, online safety and kingsisle's main priority! You saying that could be against your safety on the game. 

See you guys around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Congrats too all XD Dude, are you preping for my Contest XD 2,000 Undead badge XD