May 1, 2011

Facebook View Virus Alert!

I have been saying There IS a virus on facebook that is Going Around. Here Are A few posts From People From Google Which are experiencing this.

BiebsNorway‎ oh my god, ppl are sending virus-things on facebook! -.-
Twitter - 6 minutes ago

Zhiqizhiqi‎ so many people have the facebook view your profile virus!!
Twitter - 14 hours ago

Okay These Are Only A few. Remember, Do not click On this, Or you will get a virus. Trying to warn friends before They Get it. When you click, Something happens to your facebook where you send The link to everyone else so they can get it. I am removing friends off of facebook For a short time until they do get rid of their Virus. I will add you all back If you are following me. Thanks For your time Everyone.

I do Encourage All bloggers seeing this post to Put this On Their Blog. Its very important. Thank you Everyone!

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