May 2, 2011

First, I would Like to mention a couple Of blogs I would Like You to follow! I really want to help them. I will be doing this Every other day, For friends who want me to. Okay There Are three blogs. Here they are :)

Stars Of The Spiral:
Diana Wildheart: Guardian Theurgists Journal:
Thoughts Of A Necromancer:

And Those Are The Three Blogs I am Mentioning Today, Please Follow Them! Thanks Everyone If you do! Just give them a chance If you can :)

Another Post For today, Abracadoodle Of Course! #32 #33 #34 #35

Credit Goes to Kingsisle!

And Don't Forget About The test realm Everyone. The Test realm Is very Fun, And If you want a spoiler of What is going to be released To the live realm, I suggest you go there! And here Are My favorite Pets In Wintertusk. And Here is the Link To the test realm Download:

Favorite Pets:
Forest Lord
Ice Wyvern

And, Here Are Some likes And Dislikes About The World Marleybone:

In Marleybone, I am sure Most Of My Friends Do get caught a lot There, including me! It gets annoying sometimes/ all of the time :) And When I am really not trying to get caught, I Get caught A lot. And When I try to get caught, I usually don't. Lol Thats My luck.

Another Dislike would Be If you are leveling A storm Character There, It is very hard, 1000 Health Isn't Much For that world. And For Me My storm Character Had to level solo there. And I died a lot because Of the Low Health. Thought I would Never Get through there.

One Like Is The Music there! If You Listen to it, It sounds awesome! And Thats all my Likes about Marleybone, I know Not much, but Marleybone Isn't My favorite World.

Okay Everyone. Stay Safe Around The Spiral, And have Fun!
P.s. The May 2011 newsletter For Wizard101 can Be Found Here

~ Edward Lifegem

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Yeah, Marleybone is definitely the worst for getting caught. Hmm....Maybe if I turned the sound on I would have something to like about that place too. :D