May 10, 2011

Hi everyone, today I have the photos of the fire wyvern I trained yesterday, and wanted to show everyone. These talents are very awesome! :) they look like the ice wyvern talents in a way. anyways, here they are!

Apparently it went from epic to ancient instead! 

Hope you like the talents for the fire wyvern pet, which should still be an ice wyvern since it gives ice stats.

Anyways, I would like to tell you some upgrades I have added to the blog, one of them are the voting, at the bottom of each blog post, there are 3 things you can vote for each blog post: awesome, great, bad. If you think its awesome vote awesome, if you think its bad vote bad, and the same for great. I have also add the search tool for my blog at the top of my blog, this will help you find older blog posts if you would like to find them.

Also this may be very important to everyone, so start watching this video!

See everyone around the spiral! 

~ Edward Lifegem

P.S. Credit goes to the duck for the youtube video!

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