May 30, 2011

Random blog post :)

Hi wizards!

I would just like to say all of the submissions I have read/ looked at are very good! I might need another person to help me because they are that great :) I am glad I am having this contest- Even makes me excited about it even though I am not getting the code :)

Since I have been talking about a bunch of boring stuff lately, I would like to talk about petnome! I have put a link about that on the side of my blog if you would like to see it. Petnome helps a lot if you would like to level a pet. A lot of wizards level their pets to epic to help other wizards figure out if they would like that pet or not, or if they would like to level their pet that far. I like looking at the pet talents so, I would like to thank Petnome for making your site, and I hope everyone else likes it as much as I do! Here is the link:

Also, as most of you can see, I have added a new background and header, I have also changed my clothing for match my blog colors! Also, I am going to do something new and tell more facts about my blog, ect.

A couple of reason for blue and green colors:
First off, I would like to say I added blue and green because bartleby has a blue eye, and green leaves, thats one reason I have added blue and green to my blog. Another reason I have added blue and green to my blog is because thats usually what everyone says the color of the earth is from space! Blue water, and green land :) Thats why its Around the spiral with Edward Lifegem.

The reason I started blogging:
I started blogging because I love Wizard101! My goal for followers was 20 when I first started, when I thought I would hit that level of followers,  that would be awesome! Now I am at 75, thanks all :) It really does mean a lot that you are following! A goal for me even though they are not accepting fansites is, for kingsisle or wizard101 central to recognize my blog! :)

Things I would like to be added to the game:
Well first off, after a headache extravaganza from yesterday, I would like kingsisle support in the commons. It gets too bad there at times. Another thing I would like to be added is just like mentioned on ravenwood radio, interactive furniture, I think the piano would be very awesome if you could actually play it! I mean imagine that!

You don't have to play like this, but it would still be nice to add!

Reason I named my blog Atswel:
I named my blog Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem because apparently my ice character was getting too much attention. Before I named my blog that, I usually didn't farm or anything on my life character. My life character is now my second favorite school because I actually gave the life school a chance :) Around the Spiral- I am always in the Spiral Most likely you will see me. Edward Lifegem- I am mostly on the character Edward Lifegem, sometimes edward mythgem, but mostly edward lifegem. As much of you know, I am not good at blog names. Once when I first started I named my blog:

I know bad choice in making my blog perfect LOL. I have been laughing about that a while now, if you want to laugh go ahead :)

Okay thats it for today wizards, Have a very nice day! Hopefully I will see you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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