May 15, 2011

In this post, I am going to talk and show you 2 things! Okay the first, I would like to talk about a good friends Blog site, If you could follow his site, Would mean a lot! Please do, if you can :) There are 2 sites I would like you to follow. First one is FinandQuinn: and the other one is mywizard101site: Thanks everyone for reading this, and follow these 2 sites :)
Oh and I have an awesome Photo From Blaze Shadowthorn's House!
Looks like a basement swimming pool! too awesome! This is actually in the storm house, he made the rug glitch,  Good idea though! Nice work blaze!

Okay now for the other post, I would like to show you where the Smiths are for those who don't know! I will also be describing where you can find them!

Fairgrounds Commons- In the fairgrounds Behind the blue and yellow tent with stars of course!
Ravenwood- On the side of the myth school, There is a bench there and you will see the smith!
Unicorn Way- Outside of the hedge maze, in a corner, Looks like he was trying to hide! 
Shopping District- When you first get there If you turn your character to the right, I am sure you will see him here!
Colossus Boulevard- This one is where you fight the last boss here, he is right by the colossus statue!
Olde town- right by the bazaar and Gloria Kendell 
Cyclops Lane- Right behind Nolan Stormgate
Triton Avenue- This one for storm wizards is where you summon storm lord.
Firecat Alley- Where you fight Alicane as shown in a recent post, the one with the cyclops :)
Golem Court- behind golem tower!

Hopefully thats it, Lol multi-tasking while writing this blog post, Not fun! Anyways, while I was doing this I actually got a training point! Glad I did that now. I don't remember having that quest. Anyways, thats it for today, hope you enjoyed my blog post. and oh yeah, thanks for following everyone! I know how 53 followers on my blog! Thanks for supporting my blog :)

~ Edward Lifegem

P.s. I have a couple of more photos to show you from Kyle Firegems House! Its very awesome!

If this game Sigil doesn't fall on me I will be okay! 

Credit Goes the Kyle Firegem!

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Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Thanks for the mention Ed xD I am so glad that we all had fun yesterday and btw u forgot to post about the party XD 60+ wizards :D
Anyways thanks again bro :) congrats on the followers
-Blaze Shadowhorn