May 28, 2011

Online Safety- The commons

Just a little bit about the blogs- Yesterday I sent an email to Professor greyrose, still hoping I do get an email back from her, I mentioned a friends site, one that she was still watching, Hopefully she does let him go into is even though its canceled.


I have a new contest to announce soon, so keep looking on my blog for that to show up! I can't wait to announce it, I think you guys will love this one! Its the best contest any blog could have actually, well I say that. I can't say I hope you guys like the contest, because I know you guys will! Good luck to everyone on that :)

Another thing,

I would like to add some ways to stay safe online, and for those in the commons that use bad language, please stop. Tatiana, and I had to stay up close to midnight because of the Wu realm in the Commons. Here they are:

  1. Don't say " I need a Girl" " I need a Boy" Thats one way you are not staying safe in the game, you may give a complete stranger information, thats not a way to stay safe online.
  2. Don't ever tell your password! Kingsisle says this once you log into Wizard101, Yet some wizards still do give their password out, thats why your account gets banned, that person may look at personal information, credit card, where you live, ect. 
  3. Just like giving your password, Don't give out personal information, Yesterday a girl in the commons told her Facebook page to everyone! Thats not a way to stay safe online! Another thing not to do is tell your age, where you live.
  4. One more thing to stay safe online is, Don't be friends with people that are mean, cyber bullying, using bad language towards you, ect. These people are not friends, most of them you find in the commons, They are just mean people who ruin the game. Unless you want to be friends with people who ruin the game, don't add them!

Yesterday, I have noticed with Wac that the commons might be learning not to use bad language, but the worse part is the mid night hour, If you watch the commons you will see people get worse, I don't like that at all. I wish I could stay up all night and day like they do, but most people do need sleep. If you are in the commons during the night and you see this, first warn them not to use bad language, they keep it up, report them, even get friends to help, don't argue with them though, it only makes it worse. Thanks guys!

Before I do an entire online safety post, enjoy your weekend everyone! See you guys around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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