May 1, 2011

Just a Quick Blog Post

Since I am not sick Anymore. Would Love to talk About My Blog For today. I started Blogging On May 10th, 2010. And Its almost been 1 year Since I started blogging. I started the same Day as a best friend, Mary Dreamshade, And I think Both Of our blogs are very awesome! I just wanted to say, I am very glad I have 41 followers! And Thank You for following My blog :) And Also Did a blog upgrade recently so I am sure when you are reading this you are also seeing the blog upgrade! Also, If you can, Please tell your friends about my blog :) Would Like If Everyone knew about it. Thanks Again Everyone. Enjoying Blogging so far, And Will Keep It up Throughout the year! And Next year :) And If you would Like me to add your blog to My blogroll Comment Below. I have a blogroll below my followers. And Follow if you Can. Thank you! :)
Stay Safe Around The Spiral, And have Fun Around The Spiral

~ Edward Lifegem

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