May 9, 2011

Likes And Dislikes: Storm School

Just Like I said On My Other likes For Schools, My storm Damage Is awesome! And I usually never Fizzle, With The Grandmaster Gear, I Would always Fizzle, And having under 2000 health was not good at all. Here Are A few Photos Of The New Level 58 Storm Gear:
Another Like Would Be The Card Storm Lord, He is One Awesome Storm Card!


I have A Number Of Dislikes So I will put them All In One Paragraph Lol. Well I don't Like The Health On Storm As Mentioned Below, When I was in Marleybone, I would Always Die Because I had Very Low Health. Having 1000 health In Marleybone Or Mooshu Isn't really helping now is it? And Another Dislike along With That is, If you don't have the level 58 gear, Be prepared to Fizzle A lot! Thats another reason I died On my Storm Character Because of Low Health. I have mentioned To a lot Of Friends That storm Is a great school, Just not a favorite Because I like The Ice School A lot More Than Any School In Wizard101.

Abracadoodle 68- 71

Credit Goes to The Wizard101 Website, And Sorry No Video With The Next few days to Go With These.

Test Realm:

I would Like To tell you what I have been Up to in the test realm. In The test realm I have been leveling through Wintertusk, And trying to Get My Ice Wyvern. It hatched Yesterday, And As you can tell, Its epic. Really Its Epic! I have never seen such awesome stats. Here they are If You missed that post: May Cast Iceblade, May Cast Ice trap, 5 Ice Damage, And A health Gift! Awesome Talents I think! Can't Wait Until Its released to the Live realm So I can "try" to Level The New pets Lol. Anyways I Also Hatched, My New Fire Wyvern Will Hatch In about 30 Minutes From Now When I am typing this. I will try To Level It A little, If not I will Wait Until They refill The Crowns, And Then put the stats On here. Because I am on the 1,000 mark Of Crowns On both accounts. Spent too much, Hopefully Next time I won't. I wish They Still gave us 250,000 Crowns Like They did Before! Oh well. 

Well Have A Nice Day Everyone, And Stay Safe Around The Spiral

~ Edward Lifegem

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