May 1, 2011

Likes/Dislikes About Celestia And Dragonspyre

Okay, I wanted to do the likes/ dislikes about two other worlds. :)


In Celestia, Its very hard to get a drop. For Example: The Crab Quest In The grotto, It takes a while for Others To Get the drop From them. And Others Can get them Right away. For Me It was a while. And whoever starts Celestia, The grotto Might aggravate you. Just Don't Forget You will get through it If you keep trying!

Another Dislike: Just Like In the Post below, Friends, Or random people, Joining or porting Without asking. Thats another Thing In Celestia That I dislike. One Time, On my storm, I was Fighting something, But I was about to die, And this person joined, And I did die, And He killed them. Well Of course I was mad, He had Chat And I asked Very nicely For him Not to kill them but he did.

I Like the Fact That there is a lot to do In Celestia, Quests, Side Quests, Crafting, Ect. I don't think no one will Ever Get tired Of Celestia :)

One More Like About Celestia Would Be, The Areas there/ Swimming! The areas In Celestia Are very awesome If you take the time to look at them without questing through Very fast Like I did on the test realm before Celestia Was Released :) I Think My favorite Area Would Be the Floating Island, Very awesome!! And the worst area For me, Stormriven. I Do not Like Stormriven That should Be In Dislikes :)



One Like About Dragonspyre Is That The World Looks Very Awesome, And I am sure Fire Wizards Do Like that world Since Its made Mostly of, Fire, Lol.

Another Like About Dragonspyre Would Be, Fighting Malistaire! I Have been Fighting Malistaire For 2 years! And Never get tired of fighting that boss. I think: For a prediction: That Malistaire Will Help us In Future Quests :)

Well lets see, My dislike Would be, Fighting Fire In Dragonspyre On My Ice Character and Fire Character. They Shield A lot there, And It wasn't very fun questing there With My Fire Or Ice Characters.

Well Thats My Likes And Dislikes About Celestia And Dragonspyre, Tell me If you agree Or Disagree On What I said On My likes And Dislikes For Both Worlds, Stay Safe Around The Spiral Everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem


Xinaed said...

That's horrible they jumped in and left you dead! The first thing I do when I join a battle that's already in motion (especially if the first person gets killed) is throw heals on him, before I even attempt to make a kill. And I don't even have a theurgist!

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes, It was. They didn't say anything either; Thought they would at least say sorry.