May 6, 2011

Mooshu  Likes/ Dislikes:
Would Like To Tell you My likes About Mooshu!

One Like Is That Leveling In Mooshu On My life Character Is very easy. Since I get centaur At level 33, Hope I am right about that. Well Some Friends say Life isn't a great school, I Say it is because it is :) Thats one reason My Blog Is called Around the Spiral With Edward Lifegem.

Another Like Would be Getting to fight the Jade Oni Solo, Other Than The bosses In Celestia Where you Have to Keep Switching Realms To Find A realm without People in it. You can Just go in a sigil And Farm The Jade Oni Solo. Plus During Holidays He drops Awesome Items!

One Last Like Would Be The Battle Music In Mooshu. Here It Is!
Remember, I don't own This Video, Just wanted To Show you It If you haven't listened to It In The Post below :)

Dislikes: That friends Don't like Mooshu! 

And Would Like To start A new Thing Today Kind of Like the World likes/ Dislikes Since I finished With The Worlds! Today I am starting with The Life School.

Life School Likes/ Dislikes:

A Like About the Life School Is that Its pretty strong when you Level it to At least level 58, When You get your new gear For life, It really Does Help Stats A lot. And I think That My stats on My Life Are Awesome. Will Show You them.

Another Like Would Be Forest Lord, He Is Very Awesome In damage To All enemies. It Really Does Help The Life School A lot more Than Before When I was A grandmaster on my Life Character.


Almost Everyone Has This Dislike Over The life School, When You are A grandmaster, You won't have a card that hits all enemies, Which Really bugged me because Everyone Said Life School wasn't So tough Even Though It was. I think The Life School Might Be One Of my favorite Schools Along With The School I will be Mentioning Tomorrow.

Well Have a great day Everyone, And Stay Safe Around The Spiral. And please don't forget, Don't Use bad Language In Wizard101, Or on Facebook. Thanks Everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem