May 16, 2011

New Blog Post- Things to Discuss

Hi everyone! Hope your day is going great so far!
Since I haven't been able to tell my likes and dislikes about schools, I would like to today!

My likes and dislikes about the Fire school:


  • I like the fire spells, They can really do damage just like storm, plus you have more health than storm which makes fire a perfect school for anyone to train. I think that the damage on fire dragon is awesome, plus to all enemies! wow! Its also stronger than any aoe on the game :)
  • Another like would be that you don't really fizzle that much once you get your level 58 gear, but thats for other fire characters. For me its different, I fizzle a lot on my fire, life, ice, and storm characters. 

  • My dislikes for the fire school would be just like I said in my likes, fizzling with fire, It gets very annoying to fizzle with any school
  • My next dislike would be some fire wizards think its the strongest school when it isn't. I think all of the schools are powerful in the own way. Most of you know I want the ice school to be the strongest, with snow angel, looks like its a possibility! 

Next thing I would like to talk about:
The language in the commons needs to stop NOW. Its really ruining the game. If you are one of the people who talk about or say bad things in the commons, please stop, its very annoying and I am sure everyone will agree with me on that. If you do see someone in the commons using bad language, talking bad, report them. Once in the commons, I was reported for reporting someone who was saying bad things and bad language, If that happens to you, don't worry you won't get in trouble. I am sure the person who false reported, and got reported will get in trouble.

I put a new page up for online safety. I would like to talk a little bit about that. On wizard101, Please do not give out your password, just like it says on the Wizard101's Log in before you enter the game. You are giving out personal information when you do that, also don't forget your violations will result in a ban from Wizard101.

One last thing I would like to talk about again is the Contest I will be having at 60 followers!

At 60 followers I will be having a contest with 6 codes, I am not telling you what these codes are yet. Later on you will find out. It could be today, or tomorrow, or whenever there are 60 friends following my blog. Like I said yesterday the reason I am having this contest is because, In one month, I am going to be submitting my blog for a wizard101 community blog! I hope I can get my blog that far in progress! I am going to be showing less pictures and typing more often. I think that my blog could make it as a community blog. Well, hopefully everyone else does too!

Well have a great day everyone, I will see you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem


Luke GoldHorn said...

You know, there are some Fire Wizards that don't believe it's the most powerful school. Also, once you get to a higher level, accuracy doesn't become an issue at all. In fact, you actually start to reverse the tables by starting to dish out charms that reduce your enemies' accuracy. Also, I don't believe in any one school being the most powerful, as I have a Legendary in every School, however I do believe in the different schools being more efficiant. I personally believe that Fire is one of the most efficiant if not the most. Given the right cards, I can take out almost any enemy in 3-4 turns. But again, given the right cards, any class can succeed.

Edward Lifegem said...

Noooo Lol, I love the fire school. Its just some of them :) The reason I say in my words ice school is strong, because it was my first school :) And I agree, Fire is a very nice school, also they have strong hits :)