May 29, 2011

New contest- Sultans Palace Code Giveaway!

Yes, as told by blog title I am having a new contest! I am glad I get to tell you guys this now! I have been so excited about it. Okay everyone, here are the contest details!

Since this is a big contest, At first I was going to say 90 followers, but I will have more details on what the contest will be like soon with an edit in this blog post :) I will have details here when I find out how the winner will be announced :)

I will be giving away one Sultans Palace gift card! I would be doing this with! I have been so excited to tell everyone this, I wish everyone good luck! I will be doing this on an announcement day so everyone will have a chance. I might be the only one giving it away, So good luck everyone!

Something less exciting:

Remember, in the commons, wac will always know if someone is using bad language, so the best thing to do is not use it. A lot of people are not learning that you shouldn't use bad language, ect. on a family friendly game! Please learn not to, its very important. Thanks everyone :)

Yes that was my little/ big post today :) Enjoy!

P.s. Remember I am not like one of those who say: Well my membership ran out I will just keep it for myself! I am the one who gives it away in a contest. I liking giving away contests anyways, good luck everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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