May 28, 2011

New post: KBB- Blogs- Freebies are not everything

Kevin Battleblood has made a very good video, this video is about the Fansite situation.
I think so far 20 minutes through the video, KBB made a very good point :) I am going to listen to this all the way through. Thanks kevin for making a very very good point :)

I hope you guys do listen to this video all the way through, I am listening right now, and I say that bloggers out there, if you made your blog for fun, and because you enjoy the game, keep doing that. Bloggers out there that just wanted a code, think, Why did you make your blog? Remember, Enjoy blogging just like you enjoy the game! I for one do not care about codes, I just want all of my followers to be happy with my blog. I hope the other bloggers say that too! My goal at first was to be a fansite though, I don't mind anymore though :) If I got a wizard101 card, even when I knew my membership was going to run out, which It did yesterday, I would still give that card away. Once again, thanks kevin for your video, It really makes sense, I also agree 100% If you guys would like a link to his blog here it is:

Remember, you don't need codes to enjoy blogging, If you love wizard101 and want to blog about it, keep it up! Just because kingsisle quit the official blogger submissions,  It doesn't mean your blog is not great, or it doesn't mean they might be looking at your blog :) Wizard101 is a great game, thats why I wanted to start blogging, Its very fun including playing the game. Also, I would like to give a shout out to the official bloggers, Keep up the good work! Don't worry about others that keep saying things about codes, I have checked all of your blogs out and they are very very good :) Plus, If the others saying things about codes, you should say, well is that why you started blogging? Kevin just said in the video, that blogging isn't everything about codes and freebies, real life isn't like that, you guys will hear that later in the video. I am sorry for those who don't have blogs having to read this, but the bloggers really do need to understand that being official blog isn't everything, it doesn't mean your blog is bad. If you guys did want to become official blogger before, why did you keep mentioning codes and all and getting mad at official bloggers. Thats what made Kingsisle take away the opportunity for us to get to that point. Kingsisle actually made a very good point quitting the blog submissions. I am going to say thank you Kingsisle for doing that, only because it was getting very bad with bloggers getting mad at them. Yes I admit, when they said something about disqualifying everyone, that made me mad. There is no reason to get so mad at them about codes though. I hope everyone will have a chance to read this all because this is very important to me, and other bloggers, twizards, and facebook wizards. I hope you guys do apologize to Kingsisle, and the official bloggers. If you guys don't know kingsisle, and I support them because they deserve it. They certainly don't deserve rude comments about some code, I mean who really cares about a code, as long as you enjoy your blog, You shouldn't even care. Those who spent money I am sorry, I hope that you guys do say sorry to kingsisle though. I am going to say sorry after this post. Sorry for the long post everyone.

See you guys around the spiral, and behave please. Also, Remember, Please don't be mad at everyone or quit blogging if you really do love it. If you do thats your loss, Also your followers will probably be mad at you guys for quitting blogging, or ect. Thanks everyone for reading this, and also thank you Kevin for making this great video!

Also, to make everyone feel better, Listen to this video with Wizard Weekly Episode 9: Credit goes to fawne Thanks! :)

P.s. Contest Details announced tomorrow morning in a new blog post!

~ Edward Lifegem

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