May 31, 2011

Ravenwood Ball/ New pet/ Contest Update/ Staying Safe Online

Hello Wizards!

Are you getting ready for the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash? Well I sure am! I already picked out the clothing I am going to wear to it! Here is a picture!
If you guys want more information to the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash Go to this link:
I hope to see you all there! :)

Also, I am sorry if my blog post is not so good today, Not feeling too well and really am not wanting to type, but its better to worry about the blog post now than later.

Another thing, I finally got my Forest Wyvern hatched for my life character! Very awesome, I would also like to show you guys a picture of my new pet below this. I hope to level him one day to see what talents he gives. If not I will just check out petnome for the talents :) I would like to be surprised though! Here is the picture of my new pet. Oh and other than the pet, I also have My new palace in the background! Very awesome :)
Also talking about the new palace. I would like to say I have been enjoying all of your submissions! You guys really do have a lot of great things that you like about the game! One of the best things most of you have put are about making friends and one nice community Wizard101 has to offer! I completely agree with all of you guys, thats my favorite thing about the game. I hope they keep making Wizard101 better for the community, Also, I like the idea that friends can connect all across the world. You can meet different friends, family, ect. I think thats what Wizard101 is best for! Not just battling, but meeting new friends :) So don't forget the contest ends June 5th, 2011, Email me at: and I will read your submissions! Thanks for entering the contest everyone!

Staying Safe online: 
I have made this in another blog post before, I just would like to tell you guys this again, there have been people in the commons giving out personal information about themselves. I am going to do a blog post about online safety each time I see this. 

  1. Don't say " I need a Girl" " I need a Boy" Thats one way you are not staying safe in the game, you may give a complete stranger information, thats not a way to stay safe online.
  2. Don't ever tell your password! Kingsisle says this once you log into Wizard101, Yet some wizards still do give their password out, thats why your account gets banned, that person may look at personal information, credit card, where you live, ect. 
  3. Just like giving your password, Don't give out personal information, Yesterday a girl in the commons told her Facebook page to everyone! Thats not a way to stay safe online! Another thing not to do is tell your age, where you live.
  4. One more thing to stay safe online is, Don't be friends with people that are mean, cyber bullying, using bad language towards you, ect. These people are not friends, most of them you find in the commons, They are just mean people who ruin the game. Unless you want to be friends with people who ruin the game, don't add them!
Well thats it wizards, Hope you enjoyed my blog post! Have a great day!

~ Edward Lifegem

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