May 9, 2011

Strong Wizard101 Spell Hits!

Ouch, Now This Is some Forest Lord Damage! I Found This on And I really wanted to share this with you guys!

Credit goes to Dylan Legendleaf For This youtube Video. Wow Thats One Powerful hit! I wonder How Much I can Do With That Type Of Hit. Also, I wanted to show you guys More Of my photos Of my strong hits. Since Most Of my followers Didn't get to see it When I posted it the first time! Here They are:

Leviathan Hit!( No critical) 

Medusa Hit (Critical)

Centaur Hit ( No Critical)

Wraith Hit ( No Critical)

Efreet Hit ( No Critical)

Some friends think That I made these hits on the Test realm. They are NOT from the test realm. They are actually from the Live realm With A bunch Of treasure cards From the bazaar/ pets. Hope You enjoyed This Blog Post. And If you Guys Would Like me to try any hits out. I will be willing to buy treasure cards on the Live realm To Show you Those too! Note: I do Own the Photos, Because I Was the one who Created them :D

Stay Safe Around The Spiral

~ Edward Lifegem


Autumn DreamWalker said...

I see me! :D Doing those hits was fun. We should try it with forest lord. I wish we could with hydra, but the first head always kills.

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Nice hits Edward xD I really admire your pics =D

BTW nice new header xD

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! :)