May 30, 2011

Sultans Palace Giveaway Day #2

Okay everyone, I have been getting very good submissions with the contest I am having! I would like to say thanks for joining the contest! Here are some things I would like to discuss in a new post:

Contest Details:

  1.  You have to be following my blog in order to win the contest.
  2.  You need to email me at:
  3.  You have to tell- as many as you want- things that you like about Wizard101. One thing I like that many has been saying in submissions so far is that you get to make awesome friends on Wizard101, also a great community!
  4.  If you cant reach me at email, just send me a message on Facebook, or a direct message on twitter. If you have me on your list send me a message on wizard101 telling me what you like about the game!
  5.  Don't forget, the contest ends June 5th, 2011!
  6. The best entry will win the code to the sultans Palace giveaway :)

Contact Information:


Edward Lifegem

Thanks everyone, Enjoy the contest :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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