May 29, 2011

Sultans Palace Giveaway!

Yes, as told by blog title I am having a new contest! I am glad I get to tell you guys this now! I have been so excited about it. Okay everyone, here are the contest details!
You can mention as many things as you like if you want. If there is only one thing you like, you can only mention one. Thanks Wizards!

Since this is a big contest, At first I was going to say 90 followers, but I will have more details on what the contest will be like soon with an edit in this blog post :) I will have details here when I find out how the winner will be announced :)

I will be giving away one Sultans Palace gift card!  I have been so excited to tell everyone this, I wish everyone good luck! I will be doing this on an announcement day so everyone will have a chance. I might be the only one giving it away, So good luck everyone!

To win, I would like you to email me telling me one thing you like about wizard101. To contact me email me at:
Also, you have to be following in order to have a chance in winning, thanks all! :) Also, the best submission will win the contest, not doing :)

Something less exciting:

Remember, in the commons, wac will always know if someone is using bad language, so the best thing to do is not use it. A lot of people are not learning that you shouldn't use bad language, ect. on a family friendly game! Please learn not to, its very important. Thanks everyone :)

Yes that was my little/ big post today :) Enjoy!

P.s. Remember I am not like one of those who say: Well my membership ran out I will just keep it for myself! I am the one who gives it away in a contest. I liking giving away contests anyways, good luck everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

P.s. again: I put the contest up here so everyone will know Thanks! :)
Contest ends June 5th, 2011! 

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Anonymous said...

Do we have to tell you ONE thing we like? Or as much as we like?
Malorn SwiftSword