May 5, 2011

Test Realm Temporarily Offline

The test realm If Offline Until Friday Evening. I made a lot of accomplishments there. Oh well, Now to the live realm to get ready So I can Level In Wintertusk Is released to the live realm. I Think I am going to level my life, death, And Myth through Wintertusk First though. Can't wait until its released to the live realm :) Just Hoping Its released Before June- July. And Speaking Of Wintertusk Before I give you The Information to the test realm Reopening. I would Like to post All Of the Worlds Battle Music Now :)
Do not Own These Youtube Videos!

And Here is The Link To The Wizard101 Test Realm Update Notes:

Stay Safe And Have Fun Around The Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

1 comment:

Malorn Ghostrider said...

Haha, its fun to turn all of them on at once!