May 7, 2011

Wizard Weekly Episode 6: Do Not Own This Video, Credit Goes to Fawne 
Abracadoodle: 58- 62 Credit Goes to Kingsisle!

Do not Own This Video, Credit Goes to Basic Wizards.

Balance School Likes And Dislikes:

My favorite Balance Cards are Ra And Hydra, The Damage With Them Really does help. And If you are fighting a balance enemy It won't be too bad If you use Hydra. And With Ra, If you are on a Pvp Team, It Will cast a lot of damage to all enemies.

Another Like, Just Like Life, I really do Like the stats, And here Are Some Of My balance Stats:

For Balance, They don't have Converts, And Hydra Usually Doesn't help too much If the balance boss Shields, The same With Spectral blast.

Another Dislike Would be Some of my balance cards I don't really use, So I really have a couple Of cards in deck. Ra, Judgement, And Sometimes Nova. Don't really like some of the Balance cards, No offense Balance Wizards :)

Well thats It for The post Today, Everyone Have a great Day, And Stay Safe Around The Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Autumn DreamWalker said... had more nice things to say about balance than I thought you would. :)