May 7, 2011

Would Like To write Another Blog post Today, Talking About My favorite/ Least Favorite Schools, Level 58 Pets, And Spells. Hopefully Everyone Doesn't get mad! :)

Okay, Now most Of my friends Do Know My favorite School, And No It isn't the Life school, Its The Ice School. The Ice School Is Very fun In leveling, And You actually don't Die Which I will mention After this. Anyways, My ice School was Also My First School I made, Back In August of 2009. And Out Of All of them, Its still my favorite school. My Least Favorite School, Is storm For sure. Its Very hard to level, Plus You kinda die all of the time! Lol. And Before I hit Legendary, I Would Always Fizzle, And That would Usually Be the reason I would die. Storm Might Be Powerful but the health Is very low! 

My Favorite Pet, Hmm. Well I guess It could Be the Forest Lord, Phoenix Is awesome, So I guess thats my favorite Pet. And My least Favorite Pet Would be, hmm. Well I might have to get back to you on that one :) (not really) 

My Favorite Spell Out Of the Entire Game Would Most likely Be Snow Angel. And My Least Favorite Spell Would Probably Be Judgement. Just because its kinda boring :) Well out of the other spells haha. Sorry No Offense Balance Wizards! I Think Balance Is a great school, Just the judgement, Its Weird Lol. Even though Its an Awesome Pet in the Test realm for now :)

Well Thats the Last Post For The Day, See you all Around The Spiral! And Stay Safe :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Judge does get kind of boring to use. It's too predictable. Ra makes up for it though. But I do agree with you about snow angel being awesome! Great idea for a post!