June 30, 2011

Extra To Read About

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday within hours I got through Grizzleheim! I kept using forest lord throughout the entire thing. I soloed the world on my life even the ravens! Now, I didn't expect my life character to go from the very beginning of grizzleheim to defeating the entire world in a matter of hours. The good part about this is that I can finally get my forest lord pet! It was hard with some of the life bosses, the ones who used the death shields were still going to get defeated though. One used a death shield and I put 5 converts on him and used on wand and then used a forest lord and centaur. He thought he was going to live, I mean, I didn't know if I would win because he had a death shield? Anyways, other than that lol, at first it was very boring. Until I started using forest lord in the entire world, I think I left my signature for them, or at least forest lord's signature! Anyways, here are some photos, I actually took a lot of photos, not going to show them all because I have more to blog about.

Yeah I know, well at least everyone knows what is after Grizzleheim! A better world I would like to quest through and that is Wintertusk. Oh and I never even died in Grizzleheim even with the ravens, I only ended up with 900 health after the battle. That was fun-not really- questing through Grizzleheim and now its time to quest through Wintertusk for the next few days, because I know I am not going to get my pet in a couple of hours, the bosses have a lot more health. Wish me good luck questing through Wintertusk though. At least I won't have to quest through Grizzleheim anymore on my life character!

Fourth of July:
Yesterday I said in a blog post that I might be taking a break until after the Fourth of July, so I can spend time with family. I am going to tell you tomorrow if that is going to happen, because lately I have been very busy, and I don't know if today I will even have time to be on Wizard101 much. I am sure most of you will not be on Wizard101 during the Fourth of July though since a lot of people are busy on that day. Even if I am on today, I will not be online or on here Monday. I will do a blog post Sunday wishing you all a great July 4th and most likely instead of typing about Wizard101 I will put a lot of firework videos or something- since wizard101 has nothing to do with fourth of July other than the patriotic leprechaun- so don't forget I won't be on Monday. Oh and tomorrow and Saturday, I just decided now, I will not be doing a blog post, I have some real life things to attend to, so I hope to see you all later. Other than the Fourth of July, I will be offline and not posting during Holidays.

A few things to talk about during my days off:

I am going to put some blog posts together in this since I won't be able to post or be online the next few days. If I don't see you all Sunday and its too busy to even do a blog post, I hope you all have the best of Fourth of July and enjoy! I will see you all July 5th if I don't see you Sunday. Also, stay safe with the fireworks everyone! Fireworks can never be safe, and some people missuses them and they end up in a Hospital, don't end up like them okay? Well, during my time off, I am going to yes, shoot off fireworks, safely! Lol, and I am going to a bbq! Also going to the park where they shoot off fireworks on the fourth of july, I have neighbors that shoot off fireworks and they are awesome! I can't wait to see those tonight! Okay, no more Fourth of July since this is supposed to be my post Sunday if I am gone, I might not be able to make it here though, so it kinda depends if I can make a post or not. Some things I was going to talk about for the next few days was about online safety, password giving out and ect ect. things I already did talk about, just not going to talk about them because you guys know about that already, Make sure other friends do if they are going to give out a password or not stay safe online.

 Okay lets see my check list:
Talk about the Fourth of July: Check
Talk about the Fourth of July: Check
Talk about the Fourth of July: CHECK! I thought I said that already!

Now, instead of you guys thinking I am crazy, I am really excited about Summer, and the Fourth of July my favorite holiday! I can't wait to see the fireworks. Now, I am going to end this blog post, If I am not really on today, I will see you all later, and I will be on July 5th if I am not on Sunday. I hope you guys enjoy your fourth of July and see you all later!

~ Edward Lifegem

June 29, 2011

Patriotic Leprechaun/ Blog Post Sections/ Forest Lord

Hello Wizards!

Now, I forgot to mention that the Patriotic leprechaun was finally released in the crowns shop! I really wish I could get one, looks like I won't be able to get one though, due to 27 crowns. Anyways, this pet is in the crowns show for 2500 crowns! If you would like to know what it looks like, here is a design from the Wizard101 website.

Talking about the fourth of July! I can't wait until Monday gets here. This holiday is my favorite holiday. I am thinking about taking a break from wizard101 to enjoy the holiday weekend/week with family. If I do, I would most likely warn you all tomorrow about it. I don't leave right away without telling anyone that I am leaving. Can't wait to see the fireworks this year in our park, they were very awesome last year, I wish there was a youtube video for it. I might be making one to show you all! One year I was going to video tape the fireworks but the camera fell in water- now I think everyone knows who gets bad luck like this- yes, that is right! Me! Anyways, before I make a blog post about the fourth of July instead of wizard101, lets talk about something else.

The Reason I divide my posts into sections:
Okay, now writing together will get boring, this is why I divide them in sections. In some of my blog posts this month they have had different sections, for example: Yesterday I did another section called, My adventures through the ravenwood ball. Before that I was talking about pvp, If I put those two together I am sure I would be getting a lot of question marks for comments. That is why I put them in sections for all of those who wanted to know.

Wizard101 and the Forest Lord:
Something annoying for me is trying to get forest lord for my life character on wizard101. I don't think any wizards like Grizzleheim, well at least this wizard right here, I am in the beginning of grizzleheim trying to get through to get my forest lord pet that I really do want for my life character. I like my satyr pet, he just gets annoying when he has been dancing for 1 year, you know, so I want the forest lord pet :) Anyways, I don't only have to complete that world for the pet, I also have to defeat most of the Wintertusk. I think if I took time out for it I bet I could get through grizzleheim very fast! Most can't stay on 24 hours trying to get a pet though. Now just to go a little off topic from the pet, when Celestia was released on the test realm, I was on my ice character right away. I really wanted to see the new spell for ice, and I got through Celestia with my ice character in a matter of 8 hours! If only I could do the same with Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. Oh and when I first used my spell in the arena, a couple of wizards said it was weak, and I said: Wait for it. and then it did 600 per round! That is one strong spell if you ask me! Anyways, enough about snow angel, I hope I get my forest lord pet, and I also hope that I get the phoenix pet soon for my fire, I could get it by Christmas though since I didn't start Grizzleheim yet on my fire.

No forest lord picture.

Well, looks like I am done with today's blog post! I hope to see you all around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

June 28, 2011

Pvp and the Ravenwood Ball

Hello Wizards,

Okay just to point this out, You might be reading my blog right now, maybe not. But the overreacting of the pvp incident is way too much. If I mentioned schools in a match at the Ravenwood ball when we were only having fun, I don't think that is really enough of a deal to remove/ call me a cheater in pvp/ tell me you don't like me behind my back sort of deal. Also, I usually don't do this but this really did make me mad. Its just a pvp match, it wasn't even a practice match, lets call it a- Fun match- since we were only having fun. Now, if this is some sort of deal of me being a big bad troll go ahead and call me it, I am just pointing out the facts. Thanks for reading anonymous.

Other than the little situation, sorry guys you had to read it but that was the only way that person might have read it. Anyways, Sorry about not doing a blog post yesterday! I didn't get to because of this storm that went through the other night. It knocked out the internet and I couldn't even go on the internet, only through phone. At least there was that so I could tell you guys.  Even though I am still furious about the thing above going to try to get over that soon.

My Adventures through the Ravenwood Ball: 
Wow, that was a crazy day, I arrived there about.. 8:00 a.m. and I stayed in that area for a long time talking to other wizards and adding other wizards. When the time finally arrived I started going to mini-parties and going back to that realm. It was crazy trying to get back in the Vampire area one area because a lot of people were there. I was porting to a lot of friends and I think you all know that :) The best thing about it was adding new people to my list! Most of my friends, maybe all, is from twitter! I had a lot of fun there. If you would like to see a picture about 3:00 p.m., 3 hours before the party, here it is:

That was only 3:00 so imagine what it would look like at 6:00! It was very full for those who were there and those who wasn't, you might be glad because you would have had a lot of lag!

Oh and in news,
Just came from @Lyndiagreyrose:
Wizard101 will be offline June 29th, 2011 from- 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. for hardware upgrades to improve game performance for everyone.
 This is something I wasn't going to put in my blog post, because I wasn't! 

Well looks like I will be ending my blog post for today, I hope to see you all around the spiral and stay safe!

~ Edward Lifegem

June 26, 2011

200th Post

Hello Wizards!

Okay, now this is my 200th post this year! I have a lot to talk about in this blog post so don't get too bored by the photos or writing! Yesterday I had a lot of fun at the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash! As you have seen yesterday I showed you some photos that I have taken, there are actually a lot more than that though. There were a lot of people at the Ravenwood Ball and I had over 6 pages of friends on, so that is about 60! That is more friends than I have ever had online at the same time. I think my favorite thing was adding more friends, thanks for accepting all who I added yesterday which was about more than 10 wizards! Oh and before I talk more about the party I have a couple of youtube videos to show you!

Youtube Videos:

Wizard Weekly Episode 13: I do not own this video- Credit goes to Fawne!

Also another video that was made by me that I put on youtube is my new Snow angel Video!

I own this video!

My Photos Of the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash:
I have a lot of photos to share with you all, I am also going to share the photos I have from yesterday that I posted on a blog post! Some was from mini parties and some was from ravenwood which was a very busy area! I hope you all enjoy the photos :) I did take a lot of them hopefully you can keep up on them!

I am sure I have a lot more photos, I just couldn't add them all because I have more to talk about in this blog post! Didn't want to make the blog post too much to read or look at! Anyways, I really did enjoy the Ravenwood Ball, and Congratulate Diary of a Wizard for getting over 2000 members! Right in time for their birthday! Well that had to be a great birthday present :) Also, the last photo is the before picture, so you know how much wizards joined. That time was about 8:00 a.m. central time when I arrived and then a lot of wizards started joining. I am very glad I joined before all of the wizards joined. I think this was a bigger party for sure than last year. I am glad I knew more wizards this year though! Last year I didn't know who to talk to and this year I was talking to a lot of people! Okay now one thing to change when going to a community event is not acting bad, I did see a lot of that, I just ignored them because when you act like trolls you will be sent back to cyclops lane. Or, will be reported. Please don't do this next time. If someone did come to your community event you would not like this at all, so remember, don't use bad language or bad things that don't need to be said on a family friendly game. I would like to thank a wizard- Nathan- for trying to make them stop. I am not that good with names I forgot his last name.  Thanks for reading this, Now to another kinda blog post :)

Birthday Party:
I will be having a birthday party on July 28th, 2011, I really would like everyone to join, I still need to find out the time to have it. I think most do know who is having the birthday though, not going to tell on here though :) I really can't wait until that date because it would be the first party I would even host on Wizard101. So hopefully wizards do attend. I am thinking about having it in the sultans palace so there can be some pvp! Now I am not too good at decorating houses but I will try my best in trying to! When the date gets a little closer I will tell the times and everything, Don't really want to announce it now though because I don't even know if I will make it if I am busy! So for now I hope to be there and see you all there :)

End the Blog Post Already!
Yes I am ending the blog post right now, then again there might be something that I need or want to talk about, I don't really know since I just woke up, if there is I will just talk about it tomorrow. For now See you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

Note: The videos up above have not aligned, I am sorry about that.

Also, I have won some contests from Wizards! Thanks Ambrose2Zeke and Jacob Shadowblade! I think! I will find out later since he is on my list! Thanks again :) I won a Dragon Hoards pack from Jacob and Ambrose2Zeke!

June 25, 2011


Yes, I have been taking a bunch of Photos and I want to make one blog post tonight because I have taken so much. I have had a lot of fun other than porting a lot but its okay :)

What have I been up to so far?
Well I took a memorable photo for the second annual Ravenwood ball/ birthday bash! I  got to add a bunch of nice wizards before the party! Here is the photo:

The Dance Line! For sure, there were a lot of wizards doing this! Also good luck on winning the contests tonight everyone :)

Here are a couple of other photos!

Also, I am going to log out soon during the party due to irl things, Oh well. I still had fun! Happy birthday Diary of A Wizard! I had a lot of fun and I hope you see this post :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Diary Of A Wizard Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash

Hello Wizards!

Today is the day of the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash! Finally the day has arrived, now to wait for the hour. A little while from now, but I am already getting ready to arrive there about 1:00 p.m. So, I am not doing a boring blog post today! So what I am asking is, are you ready? I sure am! I am already in the realm, I am getting ready to go help Blaze Shadowhorn- who is hosting a mini party- farm for gold so he can buy more housing items! Mark Stormhunter who is also hosting a mini party is coming with us! Make sure to attend their mini parties since not everyone can fit into Ravenwood. So instead of posting some of my blog post tomorrow I am going to show you some photos I have on Wizard101 when I first went online this morning.
EL and Blaze Shadowhorn

Now don't forget the party will be in Ravenwood Vampire, Realm one. There will be mini parties that other wizards will be having, because not everyone can fit into this realm, I should know that from last year!

My outfit to the ravenwood ball, I also have another one on my balance, I can't wait! Apparently lucky- my pet- can't either!

Now, if you guys want more information on this, You can go to this link: http://diaryofawizard.com/main/2011/05/29/the-2nd-annual-ravenwood-ball-birthday-bash/
Also, don't forget to wish Diary of a Wizard happy birthday! Since I didn't get to say it: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIARY OF A WIZARD!

Whats exciting about this?
I can't even know what to mention only that this will be fun and I will get to add other wizards there! Also, I am glad I get to join the second one, thanks to Mary Dreamshade, I attended the first one, I didn't really know anyone though, which was annoying. Didn't have anyone to talk to there! I am glad I do know more wizards this year and I am glad that I have made so many friends since then :) Now, for the poll, I have 3 no, and 1 yes for you all seeing me at the Ravenwood Ball last year. Now the only yes- was from me! Rofl, then again I was shy and I was hiding next to the life school during this event. Last year the game crashed. I hope windows 7 helps for the game not to crash this year, what would make me mad is me losing connection or something and not being able to get back to the realm or mini party, wouldn't that make you all mad? I can't wait and if you see me at the party say hi! Sorry I don't really recognize names anymore because I have added so many wizards on the game and also followers on here. I will add you, if I can't its because my buddy list is full. Hopefully I can though. Right now most of my friends on my life character is from Twitter. So just say hi to me and I will be glad to add you, don't forget though, ask nicely :) Well this was a long post I think, so I am going to end it. I hope to see you all there at the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash, and see you there in Ravenwood or at a mini party! Bye wizards!

~ Edward Lifegem

June 24, 2011

Dating101Not.com- My First Youtube Video- Doaw Birthday Bash

Hi Wizards!

I would like to talk about dating on the wizard101. Now, for those who say "I need a girl" "I need a boy" Its very annoying. I think if the people at Kingsisle wanted it to be a dating site, the website would probably be www.dating101.com but it isn't! You have to remember, this is an online game that everyone enjoys. When you say that it gets very annoying. When wizards say that, it seems like its some kind of dating101 instead of wizard101 like its supposed to be. So don't forget, don't say the I need, or I want. Well they could also change it to www.ineedandwant101.com just depends if they want to ruin the game or not :) I know for sure they would never do that. They are too awesome :)

My First Youtube Video:
I think most you want to see a video without music in the background. Sometimes it gets annoying hearing a song when someone is using ra. Now unless Ra is music when the spell gets casted, That is very good. He isn't though, So I made a HD Video of ra for youtube :) This is my first upload on youtube! I need to find out more about youtube in the next few days, so I can upload more videos. Here is the Ra video below that I uploaded yesterday.
I own this youtube video :) Now that is awesome that I got to say that!

Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash:
I am excited for the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash tomorrow! This month went by very fast and its almost time for it! The first of the month I was thinking that this day would never get here because its way too far away. Well now its tomorrow! I even have some clothing on my life character and myth character for the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash. For those who don't know what time or where it is, here is the location of that.

Location: Vampire Realm, Area One. Ravenwood- there are other mini parties hosted since all of us can't fit into that realm.

When: 6:00 p.m. Central time- 8:00 p.m. Central time. Tomorrow, June 25th, 2011

Why: To celebrate Diary of a Wizards Second Birthday! Also to celebrate the community! I hope to see you all there, I will be there sooner than 6:00 I am going to be there about 3:00 or 4:00 to go away from the keyboard. Or just to talk to other Wizards. I can't wait because I know more wizards this year, last year I actually did see a lot of my future followers but didn't really know you all. Glad I do this year! Can't wait to see you there :)

Here are a few clothing I have picked out for the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash for my myth character and my life character.

I had the myth clothing last year, I don't know if anyone recognized my myth last year but there he is. Glad I have a match pet and matching wand! Also my life character down below the picture of my myth character will be wearing clothing from Marleybone!

Since I have no more room for my blog title I will be ending this blog post! I hope to see you all at the Ravenwood ball/ birthday bash tomorrow, and I also hope to see you all Around the Spiral! See you all later!

~ Edward Lifegem

June 23, 2011

My Hydra- Malistaire Cutscene- The Word Noob- Harry Potter

Hello Wizards,

Have you all been to the test realm yet? I certainly have. I am sure you guys might see me leveling my pets there in the Pet pavilion. That is my favorite thing to do when the test realm is online. I can buy mega snacks and energy elixirs to level my pets. Today I was leveling my Hydra- Ginger. I think I might keep this pet for the live realm instead of using the new judgement pet. Right now the stats on my hydra seem better then when I leveled my Judgement pet on the test realm last time. My pet actually gives balance stats instead of cards, I think that is better if you ask me! Right now I am going to show you the stats so far. My pet is only 250/1000 away from Epic. I am wondering how much more stats this pet could give. I don't have no more crowns so I have to wait until a crowns refill if they have one.

In order of pet talents this pet gave Pip-O-Plenty at teen, Balance it at Adult, and Add-Balance at Ancient. I think for some reason that the talent for epic might be Health gift. I should check out Petnome to see what talents hydra gives. The next pet I am planning on leveling if there is a crowns refill is one of my mixes, the life wyvern, or forest wyvern, I really forgot what its called so, I will just call it the life wyvern. I haven't really checked out what stats that one gave because I didn't level that pet on the test realm when Wintertusk was released so I will do that sometime when there is a crowns refill or when the test realm is out again if they don't give a crown refill. 

Test Realm: Malistaire Cutscene?

Okay as I said up above I have been leveling my pets instead of really focusing on the new Malistaire cutscene. I think I went there one time, I didn't take any pictures though, so I am going to put this video down that I don't own for those who didn't see it yet, or for those who can't go on the test realm. I am going to show you a video Helpful Wizard made, I don't own this video.

Okay Helpful Wizard, This music is something I would listen to. It makes it sound: EPIC. Thanks for the video, and thanks everyone else who made a video to show everyone the new cutscene! Again, I don't own this video, Credit goes to Helpful Wizard!

The Word Noob:

I have to discuss this because too many people call someone who first started this word. Or maybe a person in pvp. When you first started the game Wizard101 or any other game. If someone called you a noob would you feel bad? Well this word makes other wizards feel very bad, Let me just tell a story when I first started wizard101. Now I was level 20 something on my ice character, I haven't been there maybe more than 1 month. I met this person who seemed nice at first, and I asked for help one time asking please. Quote:  "Hi there"! "Can you please help me when you have time? I just need to find out where I am in Grizzlehiem" He ported and said, I am not helping you "noob". I said, well you didn't have to call me noob, You don't have to help you don't want to, its okay. He removed me and call me a noob again and one of my friends started laughing, she was level 43 at the time. Now, remember we all started the game at level 1 and no one wants to hear the word noob, its very annoying and "old" :)

Harry Potter:
I was listening to Ravenwood Radio last night and I heard a question kind of like this: Do you think harry potter is related to Wizard101? Well my answer other than Stephens and Fallons answer would be yes. When I first started, that is what I thought the game was. I thought it was related to Wizard101. The reason I think its related is because, just like I mentioned on Twitter, Mystical creatures and the School for Wizards. Before I even made an account, I thought I would see Harry Potter in the game lol. Just wanted to share my answer with you because that is what I thought before I joined the game :) 

Well that is it for today Wizards, I hope to see you all Around the Spiral! Have a great day!

~ Edward Lifegem

June 22, 2011

Pet Snake- Report Vs. W101- Party- Random Picture!

Hi Wizards!

How is your day today? Well mine is better than yesterday :) I have actually been on the test realm other than the live realm. In the test realm I have been leveling pets instead of testing out the new Malistaire cut scene. I am hoping they add something to do other than that soon. Would be awesome if they added some new spells, which they probably won't for a while. Anyways, back to leveling pets! Today, this morning, I started leveling my new pet snake that I really wanted to see what kind of stats he would give. They are pretty awesome, although I really wanted some balance damage, or accuracy. Oh well. Here are a couple of photos of him leveling up! I might level this pet in the live realm soon.

Spritely at teen!

Mana gift at Adult- 88 Mana

Unbalancer at Ancient- 7 Balance Resist!

Pip-o-plenty at Epic- Gives 4 power pips

Report Vs. Wizard101:
Some are wondering, what is a reportable offense? Can I report a person who is using bad language, or is it counted as a false report? Yes! You should, because it is not counted as a false report. Here are some things from the Wizard101 website that is counted and isn't counted as a report. Now I have seen a lot of bad things in Wizard101, and something right now that is happening is that my friend is getting cyber bullied. That is counted as a report. This is in the test realm so don't forget just because you are in the Wizard101 Test realm doesn't mean you have to break the rules there. You can get reported from Kingsisle, they are in the test realm. I have seen a few of them since I started the test realm. They are also in Wizard101. I have had a few friends get bullied and they didn't report them because they logged out very quick. It was the worse thing I could ever hear on a Family friendly game. That is something very bad since I have been in the commons almost 2 years, helping. 


Okay, If I am not busy on the 28th of July, I am planning on having a party! Its a birthday party! Not going to tell who's birthday party it is, and don't comment below on who you think it is. Hopefully I can have the party on that date if it isn't a very busy day. When I find out what times I can have the party I will tell you in another blog post sometimes next month! Until then I would like to go over the rules if it does happen! You can't forget rules :) Anyways, I am not allowing wizards to use bad language at the party, this is a number one rule for me. If you go to a birthday party do you hear someone using a lot of bad language in real life? Well I haven't. So lets keep it family friendly at the party. Another thing is no noob calling, I hate that word, whoever uses it is obsessed with it! Okay maybe not, but it gets annoying. Remember everyone started the same level. Also, I am not going to tell all of the rules since I don't know if I will be having the party or not. So Until then hopefully I do! Okay here is an edit in my blog post, I would like to mention Diana Wildheart! She told me I could use her link to show you a couple of party rules! Please read this blog post if you can! Thanks :) 

Random Picture:
Remember the Hall of Forever! In the Wizard City Library :)
I wonder where the hall leads up to? I wonder if kingsisle will ever let us go in there in the future!? That would be awesome :D Anyways, That is the blog post for today, see ya around the Spiral! 

~ Edward Lifegem

June 21, 2011

Forest Lord and Leveling Pets

Hello Wizards,

I decided to try out a hit with Forest Lord, it wasn't one million this time, I tried it alone- solo. I wanted to see how much I could do hitting alone. So here are some photos of me hitting the nightshade the wraith.
For me, I think that was actually a good hit, trying alone. I didn't get critical on this. I am sure I could hit a million if I tried with a balance character. Glad I did hit my goal for over 100,000 on forest lord. That is what I was aiming for! 

Other than Forest Lord, I really don't have anything to blog about today because I wasn't on Wizard101 much today. I have been sick lately so my blog posts/ pageviews for my blog aren't very good. When I get better hopefully I can get on Wizard101 more often so I can have something to blog about.

Leveling pets in the Test Realm:

One more thing to show you all is that in the Test Realm yesterday, I leveled a couple of pets! I just wanted to show you all the stats because they were very awesome. I wish the test realm was still online but it went offline so quick that I only tested the Malistaire update one time and I only leveled some pets, I was going to level my Ice Kraken but I didn't get to. I leveled my Ice scarecrow and I also leveled my Ice wyvern. Here are some of the stats from yesterday!

The Ice Scarecrow gave 4 power pips, May cast Ice trap, and May cast death shield! Another pet I leveled was my Ice Wyvern to Ancient!

When I had my pet on the test realm, It gave May cast Ice blade, May cast Ice trap and 7 Ice resist! I can't wait to level these pets on the live realm or on the test realm when it is online again to epic! I wonder what my pets would give if I did level them to epic.  I can't wait to do that, first I have to get 100 mega snacks though! Wow, that would be a lot of crowns wouldn't it?


Since I have nothing else to blog about today, I hope you enjoy your day, and Sorry about not really doing great blog posts, I will try to do better ones when I get better and hopefully that will be soon :) See you all Around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem