June 26, 2011

200th Post

Hello Wizards!

Okay, now this is my 200th post this year! I have a lot to talk about in this blog post so don't get too bored by the photos or writing! Yesterday I had a lot of fun at the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash! As you have seen yesterday I showed you some photos that I have taken, there are actually a lot more than that though. There were a lot of people at the Ravenwood Ball and I had over 6 pages of friends on, so that is about 60! That is more friends than I have ever had online at the same time. I think my favorite thing was adding more friends, thanks for accepting all who I added yesterday which was about more than 10 wizards! Oh and before I talk more about the party I have a couple of youtube videos to show you!

Youtube Videos:

Wizard Weekly Episode 13: I do not own this video- Credit goes to Fawne!

Also another video that was made by me that I put on youtube is my new Snow angel Video!

I own this video!

My Photos Of the Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash:
I have a lot of photos to share with you all, I am also going to share the photos I have from yesterday that I posted on a blog post! Some was from mini parties and some was from ravenwood which was a very busy area! I hope you all enjoy the photos :) I did take a lot of them hopefully you can keep up on them!

I am sure I have a lot more photos, I just couldn't add them all because I have more to talk about in this blog post! Didn't want to make the blog post too much to read or look at! Anyways, I really did enjoy the Ravenwood Ball, and Congratulate Diary of a Wizard for getting over 2000 members! Right in time for their birthday! Well that had to be a great birthday present :) Also, the last photo is the before picture, so you know how much wizards joined. That time was about 8:00 a.m. central time when I arrived and then a lot of wizards started joining. I am very glad I joined before all of the wizards joined. I think this was a bigger party for sure than last year. I am glad I knew more wizards this year though! Last year I didn't know who to talk to and this year I was talking to a lot of people! Okay now one thing to change when going to a community event is not acting bad, I did see a lot of that, I just ignored them because when you act like trolls you will be sent back to cyclops lane. Or, will be reported. Please don't do this next time. If someone did come to your community event you would not like this at all, so remember, don't use bad language or bad things that don't need to be said on a family friendly game. I would like to thank a wizard- Nathan- for trying to make them stop. I am not that good with names I forgot his last name.  Thanks for reading this, Now to another kinda blog post :)

Birthday Party:
I will be having a birthday party on July 28th, 2011, I really would like everyone to join, I still need to find out the time to have it. I think most do know who is having the birthday though, not going to tell on here though :) I really can't wait until that date because it would be the first party I would even host on Wizard101. So hopefully wizards do attend. I am thinking about having it in the sultans palace so there can be some pvp! Now I am not too good at decorating houses but I will try my best in trying to! When the date gets a little closer I will tell the times and everything, Don't really want to announce it now though because I don't even know if I will make it if I am busy! So for now I hope to be there and see you all there :)

End the Blog Post Already!
Yes I am ending the blog post right now, then again there might be something that I need or want to talk about, I don't really know since I just woke up, if there is I will just talk about it tomorrow. For now See you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

Note: The videos up above have not aligned, I am sorry about that.

Also, I have won some contests from Wizards! Thanks Ambrose2Zeke and Jacob Shadowblade! I think! I will find out later since he is on my list! Thanks again :) I won a Dragon Hoards pack from Jacob and Ambrose2Zeke!


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Hey Ed! So I saw you wanted a well decorated house. You can always host it at mine if you want. Let's talk later. Chat meh in game.

Fatal Exception said...

Gratz on Post #200, it's a significant milestone, and celebrates your steadfastness!

Here's to hundreds more!