June 5, 2011

Afternoon Contest, Lightning Bats, Likes/ Dislikes

Hi Wizards,

I would like to say I will be announcing the winners of the contest this afternoon! Since most are in Church or are busy right now, I will be doing that later on. Thanks for submitting your entries, and I will be having more contests in the future :)

Enjoy this picture of Alicane getting zapped by lightning bats!
1 million! No critical on this one. I love making the million hits. Next time not on Alicane though. I think he is getting tired of that!
Alicane: Yeah I am! Thank you!


I would like to talk about my favorite things about Wizard101:

1. Just like most have said, I like the community and making new friends! If it wasn't for that Wizard101 would be a very boring game, I am glad they have added that so you can make friends to talk and quest together!

2. The graphics, I love the graphics of Wizard101, I have tested out some other online games, nothing like Wizard101. Some people say the free realms have great graphics better than Wizard101. No way for that! I love the graphics of Wizard101.

3.  The music, The music is awesome, If you get bored you can listen to the music and enjoy that. I admit sometimes it gets annoying listening to it over and over again, but you can turn it off and turn it back on later and enjoy it.

4. The spells, the spells are way too awesome! My favorite spell would have to be snow angel. I think that has the most graphics, the rest of them don't really have much, but snow angel does. Fire dragon, storm lord, and frost giant have nice graphics too!

5. My last favorite thing about Wizard101 is that I get to blog about it. I am really enjoying blogging about Wizard101 and If you love Wizard101 as much as I do, I think you should start a blog too!

Some thing I hate about Wizard101:

Yes this is a mean thing to say, but there are things I hate about Wizard101. Some things aren't perfect though right? :) Well the thing I hate about Wizard101 is that people on there like giving out personal information. If you like giving out personal information on the game, you must also like giving out personal information to people in real life. Most likely thats a no though, so make it a no for Wizard101 too. Thats the only thing I hate about Wizard101. I like the game too much to hate it too much. :)

If you would like to add me in the Wizard101 game, just post a comment below! I don't mind adding, I have been trying to add as much friends as I can, and thanks for following my blog everyone, it really does mean a lot and I am glad you are supporting me! One more thing, Don't forget I will be doing another blog post announcing the winners of the contest! Good luck everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem


Talon Thunderblade said...

Hey, Ed! Heroic Pyromancer here! I wanna meet you in game! I LOVE your blog! Can you add me as a friend? When do you want to meet up? I'm always striving to meet more and fun-loving friends!-Thunderblade

Talon Thunderblade said...

Um, Ed, I am not sure you have moderated my comment yet: I want to meet you in game and add you onto friend list. Thanks for your time.-Thunderblade

Edward Lifegem said...

Hi there!
I am very sorry I didn't see your comment earlier, I would like to add you on my friends list! I am in wu realm one in the commons if you would like to add me! Thanks!