June 17, 2011

Atswel Facebook Page- Uncle Sam- Troll Vs. Edward

Hi Wizards!

I would like to talk about a new page I created on Facebook yesterday! I know most don't really have gmail, yahoo, ect. So I created a Facebook page! This page will also tell you when I have new blog posts. If you would like to follow, here is the link!


Hopefully I will get as many followers on there has I have here! If you have a Facebook go ahead and head over to it and like if you want! Thanks everyone :)

Uncle Sam:
Who is ready for the new Leprechaun to be released? I certainly can't wait until its released! I think it will be very soon since the Fourth of July is approaching as we speak. I would like to change my colors to red and blue and have one of them! That would be way too awesome. First I have to focus on getting a membership first though. My memberships are starting to run out. I can't wait until its released though. Glad they have a pet for the Fourth of July though!

Well he might not look like him because he isn't a leprechaun, or is he? Oh well can't wait until the pet is released! :)

More Online Safety: Troll vs. Edward
I have been hearing a lot of people are giving their passwords out to complete strangers on Wizard101. Don't forget kingsisle tells you not to give out your password to anyone, If you do it will result in a permanent account ban. I would like to tell a story on here, it isn't real but its going to be something that most wizards should do on wizard101 if this happens to them.

Troll: Um, Can you give me your password? I will give you crowns and a membership!

Edward: Doesn't it say when you log into wizard101 not to give out your password? I don't want to get banned and I don't want to give out personal information sorry.

Troll: So you don't want 100,000 crowns and a year membership? I can give those things to you after you give me your password (troll laugh)

Edward: I am not giving out my password, All you are going to do is take my password and use the account for yourself, not saying you won't buy cronws and a membership on MY account if you did take my password. You aren't taking my personal information though, I am using the ignore button on you Mr. Troll!

Troll: Well I was close to taking his account, guess I will go to the next person and beg for their account!

So don't forget you can tell if someone is going to take your account when they say they will level you up, buy you crowns, want to play on your account, or even buy you a membership. Don't trust wizards that ask for your password because it can end up them having your account and you not having an account at all, or even worse, they would have your personal information!

Well that is it for now everyone, I hope to see you all around the spiral! Oh and before I end this blog post, Since I haven't done this in a while here is some blog links I would like you to follow!

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Bye Everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem


Anonymous said...

ROFL! Uncle Sam is a leprechaun, huh? :P Thanks for mentioning my blog :)

Malorn Ghostrider said...

I'm pretty sure that he is already out, in the form of a pet hybrid. I saw a little loading circle a long time ago that said "Patriotic Leprechaun". There are also rumors and reported sightings of him as a hatch between stormzilla and piggle. I have a pic of the loading thing here....