June 5, 2011

Contest Ends- Contest Winners

Hello Again!

I just wanted to say I have gotten a lot of great submissions! All of them are very good :) If you didn't win this time don't worry I will always have more contests! First off before I do announce the winners, I want to post their email here, So I will show you what they said. Also, I want to say, I wish I could give everyone a card! That would be awesome :) I only have one card for the Sultans palace, one card for the 10 dollar gift card, and 10 Free kingsisle game codes, for First, Second, and Third place. Also, make sure you watch out for the next contest! Now time for the announcement of the winners!

First place goes to: Kristen Stormgem!
She has made a very cool album of her likes and dislikes! I would like to show you them right now!

I have to admit Kristen, Tempest is my favorite! I like your entry and Congratulations Kristen!

Second Place goes to Jordan Seawiz!
I really do like your submission Jordan, Thanks for entering! :)

Introduction: I was roaming around your blog (as usual) with my DSi when all of a sudden I saw that you were giving away a Sultan's Palace! I was very happy since my mom wouldn't buy it for me and now I at least had a chance to get one. So I read on and when I saw that in order to win I had to send you an e-mail about my favorite thing about Wizard101, the FIRST thing that came up to my head was the Wizard101 community! Below is my entry on what is my favorite thing about Wizard101. Hope you like it. :)

Entry: My FAVORITE thing about Wizard101 is the Wizard101 community! For me the Wizard101 community is the BEST thing about Wizard101 because of what they do for each other. If you send a tweet asking for help with certain boss you immediately get some volunteers! If you ask for a certain amount of a certain type of treasure card the Wizard101 community will give them to you without a moment's hesitation. But BEST OF ALL they're ALWAYS there when you need advice AND comforting.

 Thank YOU for hosting this AMAZING contest and please tell the other contestants that I wish them good luck.
Jordan Seadreamer (@JordanSeaWiz on twitter)

3rd Place Goes to Arlen Dawneyes!
Thanks Arlen for your very good entry! Congrats and No I am not kidding :D

1 thing I like about Wizard101? Are you kidding? I could sit here all day, but I'll give an answer I like, and its a great one for people who don't know ANYTHING (coughwhenmyparentsaskcough) about Wizard101. I rarely find myself bored while playing, and it keeps me optimistic, long story short. There's housing, crafting, questing, PvP, pet training, gardening... -1 hour later- so I have all these activities to keep up with. It's fun, which makes me happy, and keeps my mind off of depressing stuff (lets just say its the exact opposite of CNN :P). Hope thats a good entry! Thank you very much for the contest, and Happy Dueling! :D

Arlen Dawneyes
Legendary Conjurer

Thats all Wizards, I hope you enjoyed my contest! Please stay next time for the next contest, Until then, See you all Around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

Thanks for entering my contest Everyone! I hope you enjoyed it :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the winners! :)

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Congrats Guys XD