June 2, 2011

Contest Update/ My wizards/ Password Information

Hi Wizards!

Before the contest update, I would like to make a note about the commons. First of all, I am very mad that this kind of thing happened to other wizards, yet alone my sister. If I would have been logged on to wizards, I could have stopped this right away. She had to read this thing another wizard was saying and she was getting sad because of it, I had to log on and report him and I heard very bad things. I don't think this is right at all. Guess which realm he was from? Thats right Wu Realm, Area one. I can't say the things he said on my blog because it isn't repeatable and I am sure no one following would want to hear it. This is one reason I try to make the commons behave, which I will from now on regardless if they are acting good or bad. Thanks everyone for reading. Oh and she got false reported too. I am going to help the commons every morning if I have to now.

Contest Update:

I would like to tell you I have more contest details. Since its going to be hard picking out only one winner, With this contest I can pick out two :)

The first winner will get the grand prize of the Sultans Palace. The other winner will get a 10 dollar wizard101 gift card. Good luck to everyone :) Getting a lot of great submissions and really do like them! All of you have said you like hanging out with friends and or you like the community. Thats very good. I hope you enjoy this contest, I hope I will have more of them in the future. Once again, good luck and thanks for your submissions and trying for this contest!

My wizards: 

I would like to tell you guys more about my Wizards since I didn't get to. First off, my first wizard I started was Edward Wintergem. I thought when I seen the first commercial that ice was the best school in wizard101 ever! I still do :) It might not be too tough with the other spells but it is tough with snow angel. My fire school which is in front, and my death character which is on my other account, I made that school second. I deleted him however, he was level 36. I decided to make a life, and I deleted him too! Then I made a life again, which is Edward Lifegem. Then I started making a lot of characters, I wanted to beat a certain goal of mine which was to have all schools, which I beat a long time ago. My wizards are all level 60, which took too much work, and all schools. I have to admit fire and ice for me are my favorite schools to level since its easy. Okay thats enough about my wizards for now. I just wanted to show you some of my wizards, Plus if you see any of these characters ask me to add you, I don't mind :)

Password Information:
Just like I said yesterday wizards, Please don't tell your passwords to anyone, Its very important that you stay safe, and enjoy the game. Kingsisle says in the log in screen not to give your password to anyone. A lot of wizards still do it, even after they read it, which is very frustrating. Wizard101 is a really good game but there are always those who are asking for passwords, or even not keeping you safe online. Please don't fall for the ones who say they are going to buy you 100,000 crowns, just like a wizard I have seen in the test realm, There isn't an option for that! Plus how much money would that even cost if they did do it? You won't get your account back. This goes the same with your user name, don't give that out to other wizards please. Its very important you stay safe, and don't give out a lot of personal information online.

Thats all for today wizards, Hope you enjoy the blog post!

~ Edward Lifegem

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