June 9, 2011

Dragons Hoard, Ravenwood Radio, True Friend Codes

Hello Wizards!

I would like to talk about the new Dragons Hoard package deal today! I think this is the best thing Kingsisle could ever do for anyone who plays Wizard101. Some can't afford 60,000 crowns, by some I mean, me :) I am glad they made that, I hope they keep it a while because its really cool. Yesterday I spent 399 crowns on the deal and then I got some reagents, treasure cards, oh and a Sea Dragon pet and the Sword! I think thats really awesome! Anyways, who else agrees that this is very cool? Its not expensive like the clothing in the crowns shop- the pig clothing, wow! thats very expensive! Anyways, I wish you all good luck on getting what you are aiming for when you buy the dragons hoard!

Also, I want to say thanks to Ravenwood Radio for the 2500 crowns! I sent in an email asking: What kind of pet talents do you expect to see in the near future? Kevin Battleblood said that he expects to see some pets having some critical along with them, I think that would be very cool. I hope the pets in the future do come with that kind of talent. Maybe there will be other talents such as for example: A pet being able to cast spells like Spritely but instead it would be satyr, That would be nice too. Anyways, that was my question for Ravenwood radio, and thanks for the prize!

I would like to start a new thing today giving out true friend codes! Hopefully everyone the ones who read this first will get these 2 friend codes :)

Well thats it for now everyone, I hope you enjoyed the blog post! See you all around the Spiral and oh, I hope you like my new background and header! Thanks for reading :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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