June 7, 2011

Earthquake- Or earthquake?

Hello Wizards,

I want to go off topic a little today, We recently had an earthquake here where I live. It might not be too big to those who live in California, but remember, we also live on an earthquake fault: New Madrid. It was only a 4.2. magnitude earthquake, the only thing weird about that is that we rarely get a earthquake like there here, even though we have an earthquake fault. They are usually ranged between 1 and 2. Some reason I don't think its normal for us to have an earthquake that big here in Missouri. I hope that nothing else happens other than the tremors. Anyways, sorry for posting this but I had to.

I will have more to write later on, I am sorry about the short blog post, and I hope to see you all later.

~ Edward Lifegem

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