June 30, 2011

Extra To Read About

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday within hours I got through Grizzleheim! I kept using forest lord throughout the entire thing. I soloed the world on my life even the ravens! Now, I didn't expect my life character to go from the very beginning of grizzleheim to defeating the entire world in a matter of hours. The good part about this is that I can finally get my forest lord pet! It was hard with some of the life bosses, the ones who used the death shields were still going to get defeated though. One used a death shield and I put 5 converts on him and used on wand and then used a forest lord and centaur. He thought he was going to live, I mean, I didn't know if I would win because he had a death shield? Anyways, other than that lol, at first it was very boring. Until I started using forest lord in the entire world, I think I left my signature for them, or at least forest lord's signature! Anyways, here are some photos, I actually took a lot of photos, not going to show them all because I have more to blog about.

Yeah I know, well at least everyone knows what is after Grizzleheim! A better world I would like to quest through and that is Wintertusk. Oh and I never even died in Grizzleheim even with the ravens, I only ended up with 900 health after the battle. That was fun-not really- questing through Grizzleheim and now its time to quest through Wintertusk for the next few days, because I know I am not going to get my pet in a couple of hours, the bosses have a lot more health. Wish me good luck questing through Wintertusk though. At least I won't have to quest through Grizzleheim anymore on my life character!

Fourth of July:
Yesterday I said in a blog post that I might be taking a break until after the Fourth of July, so I can spend time with family. I am going to tell you tomorrow if that is going to happen, because lately I have been very busy, and I don't know if today I will even have time to be on Wizard101 much. I am sure most of you will not be on Wizard101 during the Fourth of July though since a lot of people are busy on that day. Even if I am on today, I will not be online or on here Monday. I will do a blog post Sunday wishing you all a great July 4th and most likely instead of typing about Wizard101 I will put a lot of firework videos or something- since wizard101 has nothing to do with fourth of July other than the patriotic leprechaun- so don't forget I won't be on Monday. Oh and tomorrow and Saturday, I just decided now, I will not be doing a blog post, I have some real life things to attend to, so I hope to see you all later. Other than the Fourth of July, I will be offline and not posting during Holidays.

A few things to talk about during my days off:

I am going to put some blog posts together in this since I won't be able to post or be online the next few days. If I don't see you all Sunday and its too busy to even do a blog post, I hope you all have the best of Fourth of July and enjoy! I will see you all July 5th if I don't see you Sunday. Also, stay safe with the fireworks everyone! Fireworks can never be safe, and some people missuses them and they end up in a Hospital, don't end up like them okay? Well, during my time off, I am going to yes, shoot off fireworks, safely! Lol, and I am going to a bbq! Also going to the park where they shoot off fireworks on the fourth of july, I have neighbors that shoot off fireworks and they are awesome! I can't wait to see those tonight! Okay, no more Fourth of July since this is supposed to be my post Sunday if I am gone, I might not be able to make it here though, so it kinda depends if I can make a post or not. Some things I was going to talk about for the next few days was about online safety, password giving out and ect ect. things I already did talk about, just not going to talk about them because you guys know about that already, Make sure other friends do if they are going to give out a password or not stay safe online.

 Okay lets see my check list:
Talk about the Fourth of July: Check
Talk about the Fourth of July: Check
Talk about the Fourth of July: CHECK! I thought I said that already!

Now, instead of you guys thinking I am crazy, I am really excited about Summer, and the Fourth of July my favorite holiday! I can't wait to see the fireworks. Now, I am going to end this blog post, If I am not really on today, I will see you all later, and I will be on July 5th if I am not on Sunday. I hope you guys enjoy your fourth of July and see you all later!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Guessing you can't make it to the party :( Ah anyways it is better to be with the family right :) Enjoy!