June 21, 2011

Forest Lord and Leveling Pets

Hello Wizards,

I decided to try out a hit with Forest Lord, it wasn't one million this time, I tried it alone- solo. I wanted to see how much I could do hitting alone. So here are some photos of me hitting the nightshade the wraith.
For me, I think that was actually a good hit, trying alone. I didn't get critical on this. I am sure I could hit a million if I tried with a balance character. Glad I did hit my goal for over 100,000 on forest lord. That is what I was aiming for! 

Other than Forest Lord, I really don't have anything to blog about today because I wasn't on Wizard101 much today. I have been sick lately so my blog posts/ pageviews for my blog aren't very good. When I get better hopefully I can get on Wizard101 more often so I can have something to blog about.

Leveling pets in the Test Realm:

One more thing to show you all is that in the Test Realm yesterday, I leveled a couple of pets! I just wanted to show you all the stats because they were very awesome. I wish the test realm was still online but it went offline so quick that I only tested the Malistaire update one time and I only leveled some pets, I was going to level my Ice Kraken but I didn't get to. I leveled my Ice scarecrow and I also leveled my Ice wyvern. Here are some of the stats from yesterday!

The Ice Scarecrow gave 4 power pips, May cast Ice trap, and May cast death shield! Another pet I leveled was my Ice Wyvern to Ancient!

When I had my pet on the test realm, It gave May cast Ice blade, May cast Ice trap and 7 Ice resist! I can't wait to level these pets on the live realm or on the test realm when it is online again to epic! I wonder what my pets would give if I did level them to epic.  I can't wait to do that, first I have to get 100 mega snacks though! Wow, that would be a lot of crowns wouldn't it?


Since I have nothing else to blog about today, I hope you enjoy your day, and Sorry about not really doing great blog posts, I will try to do better ones when I get better and hopefully that will be soon :) See you all Around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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