June 1, 2011

Giving Out Passwords/ User Names

Hello wizards,

I would like to make another post today. I just read the newsletter for Wizard101 and happen to scroll to Mr. Lincolns message. If you would like a link to this you can go to this link: https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/newsletter

In this message, he explains about giving your password out to other wizards. If you do this it will result in a account ban. You should see this message before you log on to the game, and most wizards who log in just ignore that message. Its very important you read it, when you see the log in screen. Never give your password out to anyone please. Here are a few tips from Mr. Lincoln in the news letter.

Keep Your password Secret:
If a wizard asks for your password, never tell them even if they beg, OR say they will give you crowns.

Keep your Information Up to Date:
Make sure you have an email, so you can receive emails from kingsisle. If you gave them a false email, please do get an email so you can receive emails from them!

Don't Fall for it:
If a wizard says he will give you crowns, memberships, or even pets. Don't give them your password. They will take your crowns, memberships and pets instead. Thats what will happen if you ever do give your information out. Just like in real life, you never give your information out to a complete stranger so don't give out your password to another wizard.

Report suspected malicious activity: 
Okay everyone, I have seen websites that ask for passwords, Mr. Lincoln mentioned this in his newsletter and I just thought about this one site I have seen a while back before Christmas of last year. This site was asking for information over your wizards. Passwords, user names. His site said he would help your characters in some sort of way. I think someone reported him and his website has been terminated. I am glad someone did that, I did that too. Also Mr. Lincoln mentions to email kingsisle at: support@wizard101.com if you see a site, and email the site if you see a site like this.

One of my own:
Giving out your password is just like giving out personal information, so please don't do it. Your password and account user name does hold private information such as credit cards, addresses, The town or state you live in! So please don't do this. Also, If you do see someone asking you if you could give them your password and user name, Ignore them, thats the best thing to do in a situation like that. All they want is your account, so make sure you don't just give your account just like that.

Remember wizards, would you give out your personal information in real life to strangers? No you wouldn't. So please don't give out your password. Thanks everyone for reading this.

~ Edward Lifegem